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[Guide] Step. 1 Main Screen

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Devil War: Game Guide - [Guide] Step. 1 Main Screen image 1
Devil War: Game Guide - [Guide] Step. 1 Main Screen image 2

1. Resource Status - Displays the amount of resources you currently have. - In the case of Dragonstone and Gold, you can exchange by pressing “+” or recharge gold. - You can press each of the food, wood, iron, crystal resources to check whether there are available items.   2. Character - Briefly shows the basic information of the character - You can check the VIP level and click to check additional VIP information. - You can check the remaining exp to the next level along with the profile image. - You can also check the remaining stamina.   3. Building - You can check the construction list of buildings within the city. - Additional construction is possible depending on the VIP. - You can additionally construct(time limit) using an item.   4. City - You can briefly check the information of the city by clicking the corresponding tab. - You can check the construction progress, troop training, skill research, march queue, etc. and move immediately. - You can also check the remaining number of free contents.   5. Event - You can charge gold by pressing Recharge. - You can check the reward for 1st Purchase Bonus and can receive the reward for it. - You can check the list of shops by pressing Shop. - You can check the on-going or upcoming events by pressing Events. - You can check daily reward, coupon code entry, weekly package, monthly package and more, by pressing Bonus. - When you reach a certain level, you can check the Zodiac contents.   6. Quest - You can check the main and daily quests that are currently available. - You can also check the currently available rewards.   7. Skill - You can check the currently set skill. - Depending on the skill invested as the main power, it is converted into War, Growth, Support.   8. Chat - You can check the chat, world chat, alliance chat, etc.   9. Bottom Menu You can move to the world map by pressing World. You can check the hero you possess and hero content by pressing Hero. You can check the current main quest and daily quest by pressing Quest. You can check the items you currently have by pressing Items. You can check various mails and reports by pressing Mail. You can check the alliance contents by pressing Alliance.      

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1. Coordinate - You can check the current coordinates. - You can enter the coordinates and directly move to the location.   2. Marching - You can check the currently active units. - You can check the information of marching, gathering, and siege wars and issue additional orders. - You can increase the list of available units through skill research.   3. World Map Contents - You can check the contents you have bookmarked through Bookmark. - You can check the entire map and move to the corresponding location. - You can go to the available contents through Search. (* Some content cannot be searched, and you must find it manually.)  

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