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[Update] 2 Feb Update Note

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Despair rather than vain hope! Dark Fantasy!   Hello my Lords,   [ 2 Feb Update Note]   ◈ Downscale the Map

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- Downscale the Map : 1200X1200(Before) -> 760X760(After) - After Maintenance Break, All the lords will be relocated, and all the territorial buildings will be withdrawn. - After Maintenance Break, you can relocate the withdrawn buildings.   ◈ Add Skin System - In case of Skin, It is divided into 3 Types which is Castle, Troop, and Castle's Nameplate. - In case of Troop skin, It will be applied into Monster, Boss, and Siege Warfare Troop only.   <Skin Acquisition> - Fairy Castle : VIP15 Package - Twilight Castle / Fury of Dracula / Dark Blood : Get the replacement material from 12th round of Power Clash - Frost Wolf Castle / The Frostwolf / Snowflake : You can acquire the material from New Event, the Conquest the Wild. * the others acquisition will be released later.   ◈ Add Exchange Shop - You can acquire exchange material through Power Clash(after 12th round), Event of the Conquest the Wild. - You can exchange the skin(Permanent or Periodic) and item through Exchange material item.   ◈ Add Stargazer system - Location of Stargazer system will be changed - NPC(Stargazer) will be added into Tavern.   ◈ Re-organization First Charging 2X - The gold that is acquired twice at the first charge is now initialized every day.   ◈ Add Empire Enhancer Event - It starts on Monday, a week after the server opens. - It opens every Monday and ends every Sunday. - You can obtain reward items for each mission.   ​◈ Empire Super Sales - The new attendance package will be updated. - The package will be opened according to the first 5 days after character creation. * You can check the existing characters right after the update. - You can purchase it for a total of 10 days and it is divided into dragon crystals, gold, and charging packages.   ​◈ Change Privilege Package Component

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​ ◈ Optimization - Shield Effect will be changed - Information window of field monster will be optimized - Th stop phenomenon that occurred during the process of the strongest lord is optimized - Some of the ranking event rewards will be modified.   Thank You

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