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22 Dec - Maintenance Break

Devil War: Notice - 22 Dec - Maintenance Break image 1

Despair rather than vain hope! Dark Fantasy!   Hello my Lords,   We are going to have the first maintenance break of Devil War on 22 Dec (Tue) 11:00 ~ 13:00 (utc+9). The maintenance break is for Christmas event, Please ask for your interest! ※ Maintenance break may end earlier or be extended depending on the progress.   ◆ Contents 1) Update for Christmas event. ※ Christmas event will begin on 23 Dec (Wed) 09:00 (utc +9) 2) The Game Title will be changed "Dark of Dark" to "Devil War". 3) Optimization and Revision. - Fixed a problem where the excess troops were not added to the combat power when supporting the alliance building construction. - The phenomenon of lagging in the chat window is optimized. - Server stabilization.   ◆ Reward - 300 Drangonstones ※ Reward can only receive on the Maintenance Break day.

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