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28 Jan - Daily Code

Daily Code
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Hello my Butlers,   Are you all ready for today's code? Check the community for daily codes and stay tuned for future update/event notices!   [Daily Code] --- Enhancement Daily Code srJNnxrp1BHm   ▶ Reward : 3000 Gold + 20 Random Upgrade Pack + 2 Mysterious Key + 100 Cans   Rewards won't be shown through this post so why not check yourself after redeeming the code here and using it within the game?!   ※ Daily codes are only valid for 2 days after the release. ※ There are secret rewards everyday within the code, so please check them everyday!   This daily event will be held until future notice!   Then, let's all access the game for code and rewards!

Pistol Paws: Daily Code - 28 Jan - Daily Code image 3

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  • e r o s ♡ LV.6 Champion Jan 28, 2021, 02:21 PM

    that code is for pistol paws.