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Dec 11, 2020, 12:47 PM 134 read

[Event] Conquer Stage 6!

Pistol Paws: Event - [Event] Conquer Stage 6! image 1

Hello my Butlers!   I see that many of y'all are having difficulty at stage 6! To motivate you, if you certify that you have cleared stage 6, we will provide rewards!   ◆ Contents - Take a screenshot of you clearing stage 6! - If you take a video of clearing stage 6 from the beginning, there will be special rewards! - You must also take a screenshot of your profile so that we can check your UID and IGN! - Please upload your screenshots at the [Conquer Stage 6] board! Direct Link:   ◆ Period ~ until future notice   ◆ Reward - Clear stage 6 (screenshot) : Epic equipment box x2 - Clear stage 6 (video) : Legendary equipment box x1   ◆ Notice You can only participate once per account!   Thank you.    

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