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[Event] Level 7 Certification

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  Hello my Butlers!   Did you get coupons and market review rewards? It's an event where you can get Epic equipment, so be sure to participate.   This event is a level 7 certification event! It's a great opportunity to get 10 Mysterious keys at once (★≧▽^))★☆   Simply use a coupon code and participate in 2 Moot community events for guaranteed Two Epic Equipment! Let's not forget to participate in order to become the strongest butler~   Then, let’s all become the strongest butlers and leave to the Silent Canyon★   ​◆ Event - Achieve Level 7 ~ - Take a screenshot within the game(by pressing the settings icon) that shows your User ID and your in-game ID. Direct Link:   ◆ Reward

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- Mysterious Key x10 + Random Upgrade Pack x50 + Weapon Upgrade Pack x50   ※ Mysterious key is a premium key that can be drawn! ※ The random upgrade pack comes with materials necessary to strengthen equipment! ※ The weapon upgrade pack is a material needed to strengthen weapons!   ◆ Deadline - 31 Aug ~ Until future notice   Thank you!  

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