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[Event] Market Review

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  Hello my Butlers!   Leave a market review and get rewards!   If you participate in the market review with the free giveaway coupon, you will finally get 10 Mysterious keys!   Let's easily participate and go get Epic equipment~~   Then let's all equip the Epic equipment and leave for the Valley of Twilight★   * Event - Leave a Google Market Review and take a screenshot of it~ - Then, take a screenshot within the game(by pressing the settings icon) that shows your User ID and your in-game ID. Direct Link:   * Reward

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- Mysterious Key x5 + Cans x250 + 10000 Gold   ※ Mysterious key is a high-quality key that can be drawn. ※ Cans are used for a various of purposes! ※ Gold is a necessary resource to become stronger!   * Deadline - 31 Aug ~ Until future notice   Thank you!  

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