Methos aka cmc_ LV.22 Join my group!
Sep 14, 2020, 09:46 AM 101 read


Looking for Group
Methos aka cmc_ Game ID: cmc#1337
Start Time ASAP A new team has been created.

Hey everyone,   I'm part of a large group. around 2000+ with sponsors like twitch and discord.We have a chill, active non-toxic environment welcoming everybody!   We got higher and lower ranked people so everyone would have someone to play with.   We host events daily casual games to competitive inhouse. We have inhouse tournaments to hop in with your mates and compete.   For the ones that want to improve we have a free coaching system with coaches from the elite of our group.   And if you want to form/join a competitive roster with other same-minded people in the group We got many opportunities to compete and practice and support.   There are some activity requirements to keep the group active, but they are quite easy and everybody is able to do it along the way! Also make sure to be 13+ years of age   If this would be interesting to you and you want to know more, Shoot me a pm on here or on discord Methos#1337

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