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Dec 20, 2020, 10:27 AM 36 read

The cults

Hello everybody! I have been working on some groups for Among Us and I wanted to know if anyone wanted to join them! The existing cults: -My Hero Academia -The Umbrella Academy -Sanders Sides -Markiplier Egos -Jacksepticeye Egos -All YouTuber Egos -All YouTubers Who all do we have in these cults: -M.H.A.: Bakugo (me), Deku, Miss. Bakugo, and Denki -T.U.A.: Klaus (me) and Ben -S.S.: Virgil (me) and Patton -M.E.: Darkiplier (me) and Wilford -J.E.: Antisepticeye (me) and JJ -A.Y.T.E.: Darkiplier (me) and Blankgameplays -A.Y.T.: Markimoo (me) and EEF

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