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Dec 2, 2020, 06:11 AM 278 read

Among us !

Among us is an amazing game available on google store, AppStore and PC. This game was available on 15th june 2018.This game Among us is multiplayer game it mean that your friends can join by the code. The code is in the start of the game.You can also create your game where can be minimali 4 players from ten, three or two or one impostors.You can do the quests but beceareful!!! The impostor can kill you. After when some person touch the emergency button start the discuse who ´s the impostor . You must vote who you thing that´s player is the impostor .After who have more votes is kicked from the game if the player have more votes and he is kicked from the game. But when you’re kicked or killed you can be like a ghost after it cotinue to the time when the impostor is kicked

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