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Tips for amongs us (crewmate)

I'm doing this cuz i wanted to post something other than memes anyway let's get right to it These tips works for all maps ~~memorize which rooms vents go to~~ This can be helpful for deducing who is the imposter ~~you can see when someone jumps in or jumps out a vent through the walls ~~ This is a tip that probably everyone knows but if used correctly could be extremely helpful ~~know your tasks ~~ There are tasks called common tasks that everyone has or nobody has so be sure to keep track of people faking tasks that nobody has ~~be consistent with how much you talk as a crewmate ~~ So um if this post helped you out let me know and i have loads of tips but yk i don't want this post to be a long one, oh right , go follow this awesome guy, he always posts tips, tricks for games and I'm just trying to post tips that he didn't post or forget about it

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