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Among Us | Crewmate Friendly Maps

Being a crewmate can sometimes feel like you’re playing alone in a sense that you can’t trust anyone. The feeling of helplessness over finding out who is the Imposter and the anxiety of getting killed can sometimes be overwhelming in some maps, but there are other maps that the Imposter is feeling that exact same feeling. We’ll go over the maps you have advantages in as a crewmate and how to put pressure on Imposters in maps where they have the advantage.

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    Crewmate Friendly Maps:   Mira HQ:

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The small size of Mira HQ, in theory, makes it a lot easier to discover dead bodies than other maps. One thing to feel reassured about on Mira is that it is much harder for the Imposter to separate crewmates because the place you fix sabotages are relatively close to each other. Your greatest advantage in Mira HQ, however, is the sensor log. Once you understand what you are reading, it becomes your greatest tool against faulty alibis and careless imposters. The map is so small that it isn’t an entire waste of time to grab a partner to do tasks together with.   TL:DR; 1. Make use of the sensor logs   >When looking at sensor logs, you’re looking for anomalies in where people appear on the sensors. What does an anomaly look like? Well if someone is seen by the North sensor and then appears on the South East sensor without passing by North again, well you’ve got your imposter. That is the sort of thing you are looking for.   2. Stay together with crewmates   >In an earlier post, I wrote about proving your innocence as well as validating others’ so use that knowledge to pick out a person and stick with them. If you meet up with other pairs always remember that a group of 4 is dangerous, but a group of 5 is much safer.   3. Always go back to check spawn and other isolated places   >In Mira HQ the storage in the cafeteria or the reactor are places where bodies go unnoticed for the longest, so make sure to search the area in your free time for the corpses of your fallen comrades.     Crewmate Hostile Maps:   Polus

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For a crewmate, Polus is truly a nightmare. The imposter simply has too many ways to play with you in the palm of their hand while you dance to their tune. There are a few things unique to Polus that can turn the tides in your favor, but you have to play perfectly to beat a mediocre Imposter in Polus. Vitals are your best friend on this map as it can constantly gauge the danger you’re in of losing the game at any point. When possible, try to stay out of rooms lest you get locked in. All of the singular rooms have doors that will stay closed for at least 5 seconds after being sabotaged. When seismic is sabotaged, check both sides before and after it is fixed; I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. That is one of the Imposter’s greatest tools against crewmates on Polus, so you have to be weary when playing around it. TL:DR;   1. Frequently check Vitals   >For imposters, the number of crewmates left decides what sort of plays they can go for, so you should similarly understand how close or far you are from losing at any given time. If there are two imposters left and there are 5 people left, if the imposters aren’t stupid that is a lost game. If not, your only option is to vote one of them out. So just being aware of your situation makes it easier to plan a course of action.   2. Stay out of singular rooms as much as possible   >This one is pretty straightforward. Just get in and get out of rooms as fast as possible. Anywhere with a door can stall you.   3. Double check the seismic stabilizers before and after being fixed   >When seismic is sabotaged, always expect a play is going to happen around it. Whether that’s before or after they go off. Take note of who fixes each side, and if multiple people go up, always double-check after they are fixed in case they’re killed. Since it is a place you only go when seismic is sabotaged, a body can possibly sit there without ever being found.     Crewmate Neutral Maps:   The Skeld

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As the OG map, The Skeld is a welcoming environment for Imposters and Crewmates alike. On this level playing field, it is a skill matchup to see who uses their map-given advantages to the fullest. Imposters have right-side vents, oxygen, and electrical. On the other side of the spectrum, Crewmates have a ton of visual tasks like Shields, Medbay Scan, and Garbage. There’s also the standard admin and surveillance, but it isn’t anything out of the ordinary. What you will want to do is steer clear of the Imposter’s strengths as much as possible. Of course, you will be forced to use some of these things, but always do electrical tasks alone or last out of your rotation, and check electrical every now and then for a body.   TL:DR; 1. Use visual tasks to confirm a faking imposter or an innocent crewmate 2. Stay away from the vents on the right side, or any side for that matter. 3. Steer clear of electrical, when possible  

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Hopefully, this should help you manage your disadvantages, and abuse your strengths on each map. Which map is your favorite as a crewmate, and what tasks or mechanics have helped you win a game?   Imposter Friendly Maps: https://moot.us/lounges/379/boards/1784/posts/4780386

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    I feel like Polus vitals are so good, with someone checking vitals. and someone on comms seeing who's with who, it can be a simple cross reference to see who was last with a dead person without even finding the body

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    Polus vitals are really good, but the advantage is definitely with the Imposters for that map ngl. They have a bit too much at their disposal.

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    you can also use it for the admin map, caught an impostor with this

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