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Sep 11, 2020, 10:32 PM 63 read

What contents are waiting for us in the future

  September 1st, CD announced their launch week roadmap on their youtube.   1. Events - The events that last for 1 week and seasonal events. We can get some skins or emotions from here.   2. Substation Zero & Tachyon Rift - Available shortly after launch (they said, before Kate Bishop) Substation Zero will be the social space and give us more campaigns. No details about Tachyon Rift yet.   3. Mega Hive & AIM Secret Lab - Mega Hive is similar to Hive, but you can go further and further until you fail. (Currently, Hive has maximum 14 floors) ※ Ha ha ha, unlimited hive huh? With all that client crash which makes my effort to nothing.   AIM Secret Lab is an end-game teamplay. This will be only available during weekends and has the time limit.   If their plan works well, it seems like the game would be good. But now, the game is broken due to so many critical issues like client crash and matchmaking. CD said they are preparing for patch 1.3.0 to fix these issues, but no schedule yet.

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