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Captain America's indefinite ult tree detail guide (include items)

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Hey Everyone,   I have been playing this and other builds quite extensively and I can safely say this is absolutely overpowered and definitely one of if not the best build in the game across all characters.   Important Note - I do believe this build is glitched in two ways. I’m assuming they will both be fixed at some point, but the build will still be fantastic.   First - Brooklyn Brawler’s countdown timer pauses while we are performing a takedown. This is the only ability in the game, ultimate or otherwise that actually pauses during a takedown. Cap’s other abilities continue to tick down during takedowns, as do other supers i.e. Black Widow’s Power Surge. It MAY be intentional, but I can’t imagine it is as it's the only ability that's intended to work that way.   Second - Using Commander’s Call while in BB allows Cap to Auto-Block all non-red attacks for its duration. There is no ability that seems to cause this, so it may have been an old imagining of the ability that somehow stuck around. Either way, I don’t think this is intentional, so expect a fix.   With that out of the way, let's get into it.     Ultimate Heroic Abilities   CQC Specialist - Best skill in the game. Allows for takedowns on critically wounded enemies while in BB. Key reason we destroy all content.   Adrenaline Rush - +3 seconds to BB every time we perform a takedown. No question on this one. The second key why this build is overpowered.     Assault Heroic Abilities   Secret Weapon - Two Charges for Steamroller. Easy pick. Tidebreaker is also acceptable, but with all the Heroic cooldowns we get, two charges give more flexibility as we primarily will use this on drones and other things that will die to the first hit.   Vanguard Charge - Heroic Orb every 2 steamroller kills. Prioritize drones and turrets with this and you are looking at a lot of Heroic orbs.     Support Heroic Abilities   Point Man - Taunts all enemies when you activate Rally Cry and gives a significant damage reduction. Field Commander is also easy to recommend for the +5 seconds, but when you have the build in a good place and are generating plenty of Heroic Orbs, you will get Rally Cry back even without the +5 seconds. The taunt is OK as it only works on the initial activation, but the damage reduction is why we are really taking this skill   Hold the Line - 35% chance to spawn a Regen pack when killing a marked enemy. No skill in this tree is fantastic. This skill gives a little more sustainability. Threat control is an option for the extra stun damage, but honestly, with BB we don't care about stun meter.     Masteries (From Left to Right)   Stun Mastery - 15% Stun damage to all attacks. This is useful for our Ranged Power Attacks. In BB we don’t care too much, but we do frequently use Ranged Power Attacks. The throw doesn’t do too much damage, but hits many enemies quickly and builds stuns bars. Combo Finisher damage is OK, but we rarely get to our finishers unless its massive targets or bosses. I think extra stun to all attacks is more useful overall   Heroic Boost Combat Mastery - Another Heroic cooldown option. BB also hits many times per attack. Again finisher Crit is OK against tanky single targets if you want that, but more Heroic cooldown, for me, is more valuable.   Heroic Takedown Mastery - Absolutely busted. Take this on every character you play.   Enhanced Throw - We only use Ranged Power Attacks, and the other two skills in this tree only affect Ranged Light attacks. 15% damage and speed to Power throws is great.   Power Throw Stun Mastery - 15% extra Stun to power throws. You can also take 15% damage if you happen to have high Precision, but for me, your throws are more of a supportive ability, not meant to do high damage, so high stun is more valuable.   Precision Heroic Dynamo - 15% chance of a Heroic Orb on crit headshots. I think this perk is bugged because in my experience it is the highest 15% I’ve ever seen. Cap’s shield ricochets around so IDK what even is a headshot, maybe they all are? I’ve generated so many orbs on Ranged Power attacks, I thought it was glitched and thinking I was using Steamroller. Pick this one up, trust me.   For the Efficiency and Intrinsic Masteries, they don’t really matter, but I have picked the ones that optimize the ability to keep using Captain’s Call for the free blocks. I’ll just list out the ability names, but most are just + Intrinsic Bar or - Intrinsic Cost   Takedown Energy Burst   Energy Boost II   Energy Boost III       Defense Attack Efficiency I   Defense Attack Efficiency II   Captain’s Intimidation    

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Gear   Disclaimer - No gear is MANDATORY, as the build works solely on the skills. However what I’m listing below are good options to push it further   Melee Gear -   Haymakers of the First Avenger - +2 Seconds to BB is the reason we use this. Also has +200% willpower regeneration from Captain's Call (which we try to stay in regularly), but Captain’s Call doesn’t regenerate willpower so I’m not really sure what this perk even does.   The random roll on this is (element) on signature attacks. Cap’s only signature is Cartwheel Kick which we rarely use so you unfortunately won't get much use here.   If you don’t need the +2 to BB, any gear with (element) on Light Combo finishers can be useful. Pym and Shock are best for the damage bonus, avoid Cosmic/Cryo/Plasma.   Also don't bother with gear that gives an element on "Power attacks", as we do not use melee power attacks, and perks on these gear pieces do not extend to Ranged Power attacks (i tested)   Ranged Gear -   Adept Spark Resonator - % chance for Heroic charge burst on Ranged Crits. Just more gravy on the cooldown train.   Look for Ranged Power attack elements. I would go for Pym ideally, but Cryo/Plasma will also work. Remember our ranged power attack is more of a support than a damage dealer so spreading some elements will be helpful.   Mighty Impulse as a perk gives % stun damage to Ranged Power attacks. Good to have here.   Defense Gear -   This is the least impactful to the build. Any piece with good stats, and defensive perks you like can be used. I personally like “Armored when near teammates” but whatever you are comfortable with.   Chance for regen orbs on takedowns can see a lot of use.   Avoid Cap’s specific gear as it mostly focuses around Shield Block energy perks, which are useless.   Heroic Gear -   Powerful Blitz Protector - I happened to get a god roll on this one. The three perks below are what I have. Any of them will be great   Powerful Blitz - 20% damage to all power attacks. Helps our ranged throw a bit.   Critical Spark - 21% chance Takedowns grant a heroic charge burst. More juice in the takedown train. Every Takedown already gives a heroic orb, but now 1 in 5 give 2.   Rampage Spark - Defeat 3 enemies for Heroic Charge burst. Extremely easy to do with Steamroller.   Minor Artifact -   % Cooldown on Assault heroic is best. You don't need cooldowns on Support or Ultimate as they are both roaming abilities, but this will just let you spam Steamroller more.   Mighty Impulse is great here too. Additional % stun on Power attacks works will with our power throw.   Major Artifact -   Ring of the Nibelung - Best major artifact in the game easily. Works extremely well here with +12% bonus to all Orbs. Easily the number 1 choice for our build   Sacred Norn Stone of Lethal Will - A solid backup if you don’t have the ring. +4 to all damage buffs does affect BB, so it is a solid #2 choices.   Stat Allocations aren’t super important to the build, but I personally try to go for more defense. We get so much damage through our super and rally cry being up that more Might isn’t even needed. Ranged damage is not needed as we only really use it to stun / spread elements, but honestly, I'd prioritize good perks over good stat rolls all day with this build.   One last thing. Don't buy the takedown in the market. This takedown kicks the enemy away from you, making it harder to perform a back to back takedown if one is possible.

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