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Simple tips for Fall Guys: Race (2)

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The Whirlygig   The Whirlygig is a race with multiple spinning obstacles that can knock you down or off the race track. This is a long race with multiple checkpoints, so you can take it slow as this race requires several well-timed jumps to make it across.   1. When moving through the sections with the spinning bars on the circular platforms, slightly angle your game’s camera so the bar is never totally off screen. This well help you see it coming around as you may need to jump over the bar multiple times before jumping off the platform to another.   2. Try to move against the direction the bars are spinning. It’s easier to jump them when they’re coming at you.   3. One of the final obstacles is a giant fan that moves very slowly. Time your jump well so you don’t crash into the fan while jumping. Not only that, make sure you actually have space to land when you make it over because if other players crowd the landing zone, you can bounce off them and fall off the platform.  

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Tip Toe   Tip Toe is a combination trial-and-error, memory, and a race to the finish. The tiles that make up the race course hide a secret path (or paths). Tiles on the path will light up and support racers. Tiles not on the path will fall and if you drop with them, you’ll need to start the whole race over.   1. On-the-path tiles light up for a couple seconds after a player steps on them, but then they fade. Try to remember the rough shape of the paths so you’re not guessing when you inevitably start over.   2. Tip Toe is largely a race to the middle. If you’re out front, you’re going to end up taking a misstep and fall. It’s better to follow the leaders here so you know what’s safe. At the same time, though, you don’t want to get too far behind or you’ll never catch up.   3. Don’t hesitate to fall at the beginning. Someone needs to figure out where the paths start, and you won’t lose much time.   4. Unsafe tiles will shake occasionally. It doesn’t happen often enough to guide you through safely, but watch for the hint.  

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Fruit Chute   Fruit Chute is an uphill dash while avoiding gigantic produce. That’s pretty much it.   1. There’s a gap between the starting line and the conveyor belt. Make sure to jump. It’s a silly way to lose time right at the beginning, and we do it every time.   2. Oddly shaped fruit rolls and bounces in unpredictable ways. Don’t assume a banana is going to roll right past you — it might bounce sideways and knock you down. Try to give everything enough space to safely fall past you.   3. If you find yourself in a crowd, use your fellow racers as Fall Guy shields. Put them between you and the fruit. Hopefully, they’ll get hit and deflect the blow, allowing you to sneak past.  

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Gate Crash   In Gate Crash, you need to reach the finish line while trying to make it through a series of moving doors. As you proceed through the challenge, you’ll come across several sliding gates that you and other players must squeeze through or else you’ll be left behind or knocked out of bounds.   1. While some gates open and close in a repeating pattern, others have rubber pillars that slide in forth in front of them, making the entrances more difficult to get through while knocking over players.   2. Later in this stage, you must slide down a slippery slope and then immediately jump through sliding gates at the bottom without stopping. If you time your jump poorly, you’ll fall off the stage where you’ll get a chance to try again. Try to aim for a gate that is closed when you start your downhill run so it’ll be open when you reach the bottom.   3. Jumping over a closing or opening gate will give you a bit of an edge.  

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Slime Climb   Slime Climb is a race to that top of a winding series of paths where a rising tide of slime comes for all players. Each racer must navigate their way upwards dodging moving walls, bouncy obstacles, and giant balls that can eliminate them. While all of this is happening, pink slime slowly creeps up the tower and if it touches you, you’re eliminated.   1. While there’s a dash to the top, try your best to take jumping portions slower. If you fall into a gap in a jumping section, it may be difficult to get out while other players are landing on you. The longer it takes the get up, the easier it is to get touched by the slime and eliminated.   2. If you’re feeling daring, you can also take minor shortcuts by trying to jump and grab ledges to higher areas instead of rounding corners to make your way up.   There are many tips and shortcuts for this hardest round so check this out as well.  

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