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Jan 4, 2023, 03:04 AM 31 read

What problems do you face when you hire remote employees?

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There are both positives and negatives when aiming to hire remote developers. The positives are that you are able to expand your search radius for great candidates so if you are having a difficult time hiring in your specific geography you are able to pull from other locations. You can also increase your speed in hiring because again you aren’t limited by geography as well. Also you get to minimize expenses on office space as the amount of capital you need to support a remote employee is less than an in-office employee which depending on size can be significant. The downsides are things that you will need to adjust to. If you hire people in different time zones coordinating on various tasks does become more challenging. Even with a three hour time zone change it can already be felt. While one employee is working at 2PM and still in the middle of their work day another one is already at 5PM and getting ready to head home. You will need to coordinate better with remote employees, but this can actually be a positive. Setup a google hangout for every meeting automatically through Google calendar to help with this. I’ve also seen that people who are in office actually show up on time more when someone remote is also in the meeting so that they don’t keep them waiting staring at a black screen. There are some tasks which are still difficult to explain or interact with remotely. Product design is a good example, it’s just no as efficient as sitting next to someone and being able to rapidly navigate and point to things. Screen sharing is also challenging because while you are sharing the screen you aren’t physically seeing the person so the interactions can be a bit more cold, but again this isn’t a huge negative. Lastly you will also need to get all remote and in-office employees together at some point throughout the year to ensure that people have an opportunity to really mix well together in a face to face setting.

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