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How to cure erectile dysfunction with medicine?

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When a man has erectile dysfunction, it means he cannot get an erection. This problem is very common, but it can be cured with medicine. In addition to oral medications, other types of treatment are available, including surgical and non-surgical options. Often the first medication prescribed to a man with ED is oral. These medications work by increasing the amount of nitric oxide in the body, which relaxes muscles in the penis and helps it to form an erection. A small dose is taken daily. Some men have unwanted side effects, such as nausea, shakiness, and upset stomach. ED medications can also cause a severe drop in blood pressure, especially if they are taken with nitrates.   Besides oral medications, another type of erectile dysfunction treatment involves injections. These are administered by a urologist. They can treat a variety of erection problems. Unlike oral medications, the injections can cause some uncomfortable side effects, such as flushing and bruising. Another option is a vacuum pump method. This uses a plastic cylinder to force blood into the penis. The cylinder is inserted over the penis and must be removed after 30 minutes. A vacuum can help improve erectile function, but some men report weak ejaculation.   A newer form of vardenafil (super vilitra) can be used as an oral pill that dissolves on the tongue. It is most effective when taken one hour before sex. But the pill has some disadvantages, including a high risk of absorption problems.   Visit also: https://www.genericvilla.com/product/super-vilitra-vardenafil-dapoxetine/  

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