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Best Forex Trading Platform

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If you have traded forex in the past you know one of the most important things is to find a good or the best forex trading platform. Such a platform is a site where you are able to trade forex. There are hundreds of these online and forex trading is a multibillion dollar industry which many people try to exploit and make money from. So the question is which forex platform is the best. In this article I will show you my 3 favourites and why they are good trading platforms.       Etoro - If you have ever considered trading forex in the past this name will have come up on your searches, this is because this site is most user friendly and is great for newbie's who want to get started in trading but are a little unsure how to use their accounts. This is because Etoro offers guided tutorials, personal trading coaches and a user friendly interface which is easy to navigate and understand. Another huge bonus with joining Etoro is that they offer up to $10,000 in bonuses for signing up, which would tempt anyone. But this does depend on your deposit.       Forexyard - This is another great forex trading platform similar to Etoro but less newbie based. If you have traded forex before then I recommend this platform as there is more experienced interfaces that will help anyone who has traded before and know a bit more about the stats behind the trade. All is very similar between the trading platforms so many try to offer the best bonuses to entice people to trade with them. Forexyard are offering "Deposit funds worth $1,000 or more into your FOREXYARD account and receive a 10% cashback for free, worth up to $1,000." This is very similar to etoro's offer.       Finexo - Is my 3rd favourite trading platform, although many people consider this to be the best trading platform, I find it hard to distinguish between each and as this site has the worst bonus package out of these, with the 10% bonus but only up to $500. I believe that you should go with one of the platforms above.       In conclusion most of the well known منصة كوتكس platforms are pretty even in terms of what you are going to get. And the bonuses offered in each. The one thing that I recommend is that you follow an experts advise, if you have X amount of money to invest which is the best forex trading platform to invest it in, this will give you the best insight into where your money is going. But the main thing you need to remember is the best forex trading platform in the universe may not help if you do not invest your money wisely.       Building a profitable forex trading strategy can be boiled down to two key factors - knowledge and testing. Visit to benefit from expert reviews and gain advice on forex trading systems and forex education.    

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