Ismail Ahmed LV.20 S
Nov 19, 2022, 07:57 AM 30 read

Part Worn Tires Can Be Lethal

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In the current economic climate we all want to save money, but some penny pinching drivers may be putting themselves, and other road users at risk by choosing to fit part worn tires to their cars. Part worn tires have been driven on another vehicle, but supposedly still have enough wear left to be fitted to another car. The problem is that is not always true.   The vast amount of part worn tires currently being sold in the United Kingdom are actually illegal. Despite there being clear regulations regarding the sale of part worn tires, they just aren't being adhered to. This means that buying them is quite simply not worth the risk.   Among other violations discovered, one tire was sold with a piece of metal still penetrating 5 centimeters all the way through the tire tread. If it had been fitted to a car and driven, it would have more than likely failed suddenly and caused a serious accident. This is an extreme example, but many tires sold as part worn feature unsafe repairs, cords that are exposed, damaged beads, and even evidence of having been driven a fair distance while flat.   If you happen to find some part worn Shock obserber Replace Harlow that are undamaged it may seem like purchasing them is a good idea for saving money. Unfortunately, you can't see inside the tires to discover whether there is any damage to the internal structure. Even if by some chance there isn't, part worn Shock obserber Replace Harlow often work out more expensive per millimeter of usable tread than buying an equivalent new tire.   While the cost of motoring is spiraling ever upward, with fuel costs reaching record highs and only getting yet more expensive, it is understandable that people are looking for ways to cut costs. There are other ways you can do this when tire shopping aside from buying part worn tires. New labeling is being introduced in November that will, among other things, give you information about the fuel efficiency of the tires, so you will be able to choose tires that should save you money on fuel!    

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