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[Update] 03/24(KST) Update Complete Notice

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Your story continues with a kiss. This is GODDESS KISS : O.V.E   Captain! Finally the Update complete~! We sincerely appreciate waiting for Update, captain ❤   Update Details are like the below.   ============================================ 1. Add New Recruit O.V.E - 'Reina' come to GODDESS KISS : O.V.E!

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  2. Add New Spin-off Event Dungeon - Reina Spin-off Event Dungeon are added. Spin-off Event Shop also opens with Spin-off Event Dungeon. Please check the event notice for details. ※ Please note You can use the currency(Spin-off Point) available at Spin-off Dungeon only during the event period.   3. Add Exclusive Equipment

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- Reina, Agata and Cynthia's Exclusive Equipment are added. - The exclusive equipment can be crafted in Equipment Craft Shop. You can buy ingredients in Contents Shop or obtain ingredients as Boss Raid Reward.   4. Package Shop [ Package Shop ☞ Limited Shop ] - Add Reina's Special Support Pack. (1 Account can purchase 2 times) - If you buy 'Reina's Special Support Pack' , you can obtain all the items below.   *********************************************** ① 5 Reina Event Tickets ② 3,000 Diamonds ③ 8,000,000 Golds ④ ★4 Promotion Supporter Capsules * 4 ⑤ ★3 Training Supporter Capsules * 10 ⑥ 5,000 Mileages   ※ [Reina Event Ticket] is Recruit Ticket which has increase probability of 'Scout Rate' that Newly added O.V.E. Therefore, you might get other O.V.E instead of the New O.V.Es. ***********************************************   5. New Event On - 3 kinds of New Events begin for Update Celebration. Please check each event notice for details.   ============================================   Have a nice day with GODDESS KISS : O.V.E today!   Thank you.  

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