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[Update] 12/02(KST) Update Maintenance Notice

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Your story continues with a kiss. This is GODDESS KISS : O.V.E   We will hold GODDESS KISS : O.V.E Update on December 2nd~! Please check the Update content! 😁   =========================================================== ■ Maintenance Period - 2020.12.02 10:00 ~ 12:00 (KST)   [ New System ] 1. Add 'Bread Runner' Achievement - 'Bread Runner' Achievement loved by many captains will be back. - You can obtain lots of turtle buns everyday through the achievement 'Bread Runner' during the event period.   2. Add '50th Day Anniversary Recruit Event' Achievement - We will add New Recruit Achievement to celebrate Open 50th day Anniversary. - You can claim many rewards, following the recruit times.   [ Package Product ] 1. Reset First Time Double Diamond Product Purchase History - First Time Double Diamond Product Purchase history will be reset. - After reset process, users purchased the diamonds before can buy the first double diamond products again.   ※ Products to reset Purchase History - 100 Diamonds (First Time X2) - 515 Diamonds (First Time X2) - 1,060 Diamonds (First Time X2) - 3,300 Diamonds (First Time X2) - 6,000 Diamonds (First Time X2) - 12,500 Diamonds (First Time X2)   [ Error Fixation and Improvement ] - In shop, 'Contents Shop > Trophy', delete 4 kinds of 'Season 1 Trophy' - In Shop'Contents Shop > Trophy' add 4 new Trophies - Modify 'Nurse Minero' Skill Balance ('Continuing Scalpel 25 times' Max Range Data Change)   ※ Update date and contents might be subject to change due to internal circumstances.   =======================================================   Please note that you cannot access or play the game once the maintenance starts.   Please show your support and attention to this Update, too! Thank you.  

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  • QuiteQuiet LV.5 Lurker Nov 30, 2020, 09:40 PM

    Are we far from getting a bigger update? Maybe some collab?