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[Update] 11/25(KST) Update Complete Notice

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Your story continues with a kiss. This is GODDESS KISS : O.V.E   Captain! Finally the Update complete~! We sincerely appreciate waiting for Update, captain♡   Update Details are like the below.   =========================================================== ■ Update Content   1. Add New Scout O.V.E - Melon and Pine are coming to GODDESS KISS : O.V.E! ※ It is a limited character that can be obtained during the event.   2. Add New Spin-off Event Dungeon - Melon and Pine Spin-off Event Dungeon are added. - Spin-off Event Shop also opens with Spin-off Event Dungeon. Please check the details at the Event Notice. ※ Please note You can use the currency(Spin-off Point) available at Spin-off Dungeon only during the event period.   3. Package Shop [ Package Shop ☞ Limited Shop ] ▷ 'Melon's special support pack' is added. (2 Purchase available at 1 Account) - If you buy 'Melon's special support pack', you can obtain all the items below. ********************************************************** 1. 5 Melon Event Tickets 2. 3,000 Diamonds 3. 8,000,000 Golds 4.★4 Promotion Supporter Capsules * 4 5. ★3 Training Supporter Capsules * 10 6. 5,000 Mileages   ※ [Melon Event Ticket] is Recruit Ticket which has increase probability of 'Scout Rate' that Newly added O.V.Es with melon. Therefore, you might get other O.V.E instead of the New O.V.Es. **********************************************************   4. Diamond 30% Discount Event for Turtle Bread Filling will maintaining. ※ At the end of the event, we will inform you through a notice.   5. Error Fixation and Improvement 1) Fix 'Yeshall' Area Scenario Display Error 2) Fix 'Muniel''s Active Skill Buff Applying Time Error 3) Fix 'Sara''s Active Skill Buff Applying Time Error 4) Modify 'Kilsty' Skill Balance ('Heal of Light' Healing % Data Change) 5) Fix 'Lily's Passive Skill Range Error 6) Fix Some Buff/Debuff Skill Repeatedly Applying Display Error 7) Fix In-game Text Typo Error   6. New Event On - 4 New Events begin to celebrate Update. Please check the details at each event notice. ===========================================================   Have a nice day with GODDESS KISS : O.V.E today!   Thank you.  

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