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[Update] October 28th(KST) Update Complete Notice

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Your story continues with a kiss. This is GODDESS KISS : O.V.E   Captain! Finally the 3rd Update complete~! We sincerely appreciate waiting for Update, captain♡   Update Details are like the below.   ■ Update Content 1. Halloween Celebration! 👻 Special O.V.E Characters and Scenario are added. - 'Nurse Minero' and 'Jiangshi Erika' visit GODDESS KISS : O.V.E as new appearance. - Please also eagerly welcome New O.V.E 'Veronica'~♡ ※ O.V.E are available only during the Halloween Event Period. ※ Current Drop Rate UP OVE(Mami, Cloe, Classis) are available at the normal Scout.   2. Halloween Celebration! 👻 Spin-off Event Dungeon are added. - 'Nurse Minero', 'Jiangshi Erika', and 'Veronica''s Spin-off Event Dungeon are added. - Spin-off Event Shop are also open with Spin-off Event Dungeon.   3. Halloween Celebration! 👻 New Package Products are added - 'Halloween celebration pack', 'Intermediate pack I', 'Intermediate packII'are added to Special Shop. (3 Products) -If you purchase 'Halloween celebration pack', you can obtain all the items below. ======================================================= 1. 5 Halloween Event Tickets 2. 3,000 Diamonds 3. 8,000,000 Golds 4.★4 Promotion Supporter Capsules * 4 5. ★3 Training Supporter Capsules * 10 6. 5,000 Mileages 7. 【Halloween】Tree (Room Decoration)   ※ [Halloween Event Ticket] is Recruit Ticket which has higher 'Scout Rate' on Limited O.V.E for Halloween Celebration. Therefore, you might get other O.V.E instead of the limited Halloween special O.V.E. =======================================================   4. Halloween Celebration! 👻 Room Furniture are added. - 12 kinds of Halloween concept furniture are added to increase Room Growth and Affinity. * 【Halloween】Frame * 【Halloween】Showcase * 【Halloween】Bed * 【Halloween】Sofa * 【Halloween】Chair * 【Halloween】Window * 【Halloween】Bookcase * 【Halloween】Tree * 【Halloween】Mini Pumpkin Head * 【Halloween】Table * 【Halloween】Floor * 【Halloween】Wallpaper   5. Halloween Celebration! 👻 Turtle Bun 30% Diamond Discount Event On - During the event period, you can charge 'Turtle Bun' at 30% discounted price. ※ The discounted price will be applied until November 11th(Wed) before Maintenance.   6. Error Fixation and Improvement - Fix the wrong Ancient Units Stage Display Error - Fix the issue when you killed enemies with 'Molina''s Lethal Skill, the enemies seemed alive wrongly. - Fix SSR Unit was not shown as the reward for 5-6th steps on Deus the Ancient Wisdom - Shorten Turtle Bun Auto Recovery Time (1 Turtle Bun per 5 minutes → 3 minutes) - OVE Balance Change * O.V.E HP for Level Up increases 4 ~6 times. * Resistance and Defense Power for Level Up increase 2~3.5 times. * 1 Point Basic Attack Damage Increase Rate for Level Up decreases. * Basic Attack stat targeting 3 enemies increases while Damage increase rate for Level Up decreases. * As HP increases, Healers' basic Healing amount increases. * The basic Buff and Debuff rate for increasing or decreasing Stat. * All O.V.Es' Evasion , Critical Rate and Critical Damage are differentiated between Defense and other types. * One Attack-Lethal Skill becomes 100% 100% chance to not miss. * All enemies' Damage increases, following Balance increase.   7. New Event On - 4 New Events start to celebrate Update. Please check the Event Notice for the details.   The second action was taken at today's maintenance, for users who hacked or tampered the application. All scores obtained by abnormal way in PvP battles have been reset, and the scores can be regained in PvP battles with fair play.   As we've noticed before, there will be a restriction for those who continuously behaving in abnormal way. We are going to make strong countermeasures with a constent monitoring, so please do not play game in any irregular way for the safety of account. ※If you have any objection about our action, please contact us via customer center.   We will develop GODDESS KISS : O.V.E better and better.♥ Have a nice day with GODDESS KISS : O.V.E today!   Thank you.    

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