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[Update] 10/14 Update Notice

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Your story continues with a kiss. This is GODDESS KISS : O.V.E   We will hold the first update on 2020.10.14(KST) since we opened the game officially! We prepare the guide for everyone curious about the new update.   Check the update content~!   [1] New O.V.E Characters and Scenario are added. - Mami, Cloe, and Classis come to GODDESS KISS : O.V.E!   [2] New System is added. - Guild Content is added.   Create and develop guilds together with global users! Guild can grow EXP and level as much as Turtle Burns Guild Members use. You can collect Guild Coin and Guild Pay as Guild Currency to buy items. You can send your own OVE to [Guild Oves] as the support system to help battles each other.   [3] Spin-off Event Dungeon is added. - Mami, Kaoru and Cloe   Spin-off is a small story available only during the certain period. It consists of new Oves. You can play Spin-off to claim special currency and use the special currency to get new Ove and other various rewards.   [4] Error Fixation and Improvement - Fix Error Notification Issue at Refining Equipment - Fix Room Coin Display Error in Room Shop - Fix R Comet Equipment Text Display Error - Fix 'Tomoe''s Skill Description (Attack Based → Magic Based) - Balance 'Tomoe''s Skill (Change 'Fake Moon and Gust of Wind' Healing Data%) - Balance 'Millanicus''s Skill (Range and Cool Time) - Fix 'Lamites''s Relationship Ability (Increase Attack power→ Increase Magic power)   ※ We are also working to fix other issues and contents reported from Captains at Customer Center. ※ Although we cannot solve all the issues at once, we will try to listen to your opinions and improve the game better. Please keep watching and supporting us!   Please show your support and attention to the new update.   Thank you.

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  • k j l d LV.4 Pokémon Master Oct 11, 2020, 12:32 AM

    Thank you.

  • Niicho LV.10 Best Squadmate Oct 11, 2020, 09:15 PM

    will the guild req reduced or removed?

  • Gusha LV.15 Insomniac Oct 13, 2020, 12:44 AM

    Does the guild join provision have to be Lv. 99? I read about it before...