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[Boss Raid] Description

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Boss Raid is the content that Global Users cooperate together to defeat Raid Boss To claim the reward.   Boss Raid opens every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 05:00(KST), Max 20 O.V.Es can participate in Boss Raid (Open for total 3 days) ※ But the same O.V.E can attend only once a day. (Ex. If there are 4 ‘Lily’ and 1 Lily attends Boss Raid already. other 3 ‘Lily’ cannot join on the same day)   Once the battle begins, you should battle against the Prototype of the Giant Boss [Argos]. Damages to Prototype will be accumulated to claim Ranking Reward and Accumulated Damage Reward later.   ■ Ranking Reward - After finishing Boss Raid, you can claim the reward at [Battle] > [Ranking Reward] Button until the next Boss Raid starts.   ■ Accumulated Damage Reward - If you click [Reward Information] Button in Boss Raid, you can claim the reward during the current Boss Raid. So the reward will be available only during the season and the reward will disappear after the Boss Raid closes.   If you win the battle against the Prototype Boss, you can give damages to [Argos]. All damages you give will be counted and you can claim [Defeat Reward] after you defeat the boss. The items you claim from Ranking Reward, Accumulated Reward, and Defeat Reward will be used to craft 'Exclusive Equipment' in Equipment Craft Shop.   Also, you can keep playing battle against Prototype even after you defeat Argos during the Boss Raid Season. All damages given to Prototype will be accumulated steadily. ※ After you win the battle, you can play battle again against the next Prototype for remaining battle time.   You can practice the battle in [Training] by trying various teams before you fight against Argos as the real battle. But any damages will not be accumulated in [Training]. Any O.V.Es attending the real Boss Raid battle cannot join [Training]. But if all 20 Oves complete to attend the real battles. They can attend the training.    

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