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[Notice] Error Fixation Complete

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Your story continues with a kiss. This is GODDESS KISS : O.V.E   We confirmed some problems after the update completed and then solve them by applying the data patch for the fixation.   ① [★4 O.V.E Selective Ticket] Felicity Exposure Error We confirmed the issue that Users could choose 'Felicity' instead of 'Emily' at [★4 Ove Selective Ticket] in the game. But we solve the issue and apply the data patch for the issue fixation.   After this notice, if you enter the game again, you can confirm 'Emily' at the place where 'Felicity' existed and then choose to obtain Emily.   ※ If you do not re-access the game, and then choose "Felicity", you will get "Emily". So please kindly re-access the game and then choose the item you want.   ② [Muniel] 'Divine Revelation' Skill Icon Display Error We confirmed the skill showed as normal Damage Skill or Defense Skill Error and then solved it by applying the data patch for the fixation.   We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience without any intention. But please kindly enter the game again for choosing the item normally.   We will work harder to offer better stable game environment in GODDESS KISS : O.V.E.   Thank you.

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    I haven't opened it yet...

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