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[Update] 10/14 Update Completion Notice

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Your story continues with a kiss. This is GODDESS KISS : O.V.E   We complete the first update since the official open. We appreciate for waiting, everyone.   Update details are like the below content.   ■ New O.V.E Character is added - Add Mami(★★★★, Cloe(★★★★), and Classis(★★★) O.V.E. - Meet New O.V.E Scenario.   ■ New Package Product is added - Add 'Mami special support pack' product at Package Shop. - There are benefits like below at purchase 'Mami special support pack'. ================================================ 1. 5 Mami Event Tickets 2. 3,000 Diamonds 3. 8,000,000 Golds, 4. 4 ★4 Promotion Supporter Capsules 5. ★3 Training Supporter Capsules 6. 5,000 Mileage   ※ [Mami Event Ticket] is not an exclusive ticket only for 'Mami'. Instead, it is a recruit ticket to have more possibility for dropping 'Mami' and other New O.V.Es. Therefore, please note you might recruit other O.V.E instead of Mami. ================================================   ■ Spin-off Event Dungeon is added - Add Mami, Kaoru and Cloe's Spin-off Event Dungeon. - If you play Spin-off Event Dungeon, you can claim Event Achievement Reward. ※ If you clear the Spin-off Event Dungeon as 'Mop-up', you cannot claim Spin-off Point. ※ If you want Spin-off Point, you should fight the battle yourself, not doing 'Mop-up'. ※ You can play Spin-off Scenario even after the event ends. ※ Spin-off Event Dungeon and Shop are available only during the event period.   ■ New System is added - Add 'Guild' Content. - Guild Content will open after clearing [V-Ark C1-5] at Chapter [V-Ark C1-5].   Click [Guild] button at the below lobby screen to enter [Guild].   1. Click[Start your own Guild] button to create your guild. 2. Type a guild name to apply the guild. 3. Click [Info] to check Guild Members, Guild Criteria, and Guild Description. 4. Click [Apply] to sign up the guild and you cannot leave within 24 hours after you join the guild.     - Guild Member : the current guild member information is available. - Guild Info : the current Guild Symbol info, Guild Name, Creator(Master), and Guild Notice are available. - Guild Shop : You can buy items with Guild Currency(Guild Coin, Guild Pay). - Guild Oves : You can set Oves whom you will send to the guild member's battles. If your Ove supports the battle well, you can earn Turtle Burns. - Guild Status : You can check applicants for joining the guild and change Guild Information or Application Type. - Disband Guild : Only the Guild Creator(Master) can use the menu to break up the guild. ※ You can spend Turtle Burns earning Guild Currency and Guild EXP and level will increase as much as you spend Turtle Burns. ※ You should spend more Turtle Burns together with your guild members to grow the guild faster.   ■ Error Fixation and Improvement - Fix the Error Notification Display Issue to refine Equipment - Fix the Room Coin Invisible Error at Room Shop - Fix the Wrong Comet Equipment Text Display Error - Fix 'Tomoe' Skill Description (Attack based → Magic based) - Balance 'Tomoe''s Skill (Change 'Fake Moon and Gust of Wind' Healing Data%) - Balance 'Millanicus''s Skill (Range and Cool Time) - Fix 'Lamites''s Relationship Ability (Increase Attack power→ Increase Magic power) - Add Function to detect App Change Hacking Action - Fix Wrong Achievement Display Error - Fix the Wrong Equipment Extra Effect Application Issue As we solve 'Wrong Equipment Extra Effect Application Issue', the extra effect might be different to the previous data you refined at the equipment before. We send 1,000 Diamonds into Mailbox as the sincere apology gift. - Fix Each PVP Arena(All Star Battle, New Star Battle) Result Calculation Inactivation Issue From this week, the calculation will work on normally and you can claim the Weekly Rewards. We send 1,000 Diamonds as the issue compensation instead of 'Weekly Reward' for Last Week due to the issue.   ■ New Event On - Start 3 New Events to celebrate Update. Please check the details at each event notice.   We appreciate everyone having been waiting and playing the game until Update. Have a nice day with GODDESS KISS : O.V.E.   Thank you.

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  • gamer861885318 LV.1 Mootie Oct 15, 2020, 08:47 AM

    borinnnngggg.....why even bother with mop up feature

  • gamer495083635 LV.1 Mootie Oct 15, 2020, 06:37 PM

    fix Ove Mami bug, in description she is magic based,but skills are 'Attack' based

  • gamer952429773 LV.1 Mootie Oct 15, 2020, 09:13 PM

    Join my "Cloud" guild!! Waiting for you! :*

  • BlackPPoint LV.1 Mootie Oct 19, 2020, 02:02 PM

    guild shop screen freezes the screen, fix please