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Aug 1, 2020, 03:47 AM 30 read

Our eSports Team is now recruiting!

You’ve come to the right place! Here at Phantom eSports, we’re more then just a team; we’re a family. We are currently recruiting! ————————————————————————————— •ABOUT US: We were established in July of 2020, we are a big group of gamers who share the same passion of making it to the big leagues. We are very friendly and love to joke around however, when needed; we can be serious. ————————————————————————————— •WE ARE RECRUITING FOR THE FOLLOWING GAMES: *Fortnite(Cross platform) *Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare(Cross platform) *Overwatch(All platforms) *Rainbow Six Siege(All platforms) *Rogue Company(All platforms) ————————————————————————————— •PROS FOR BEING ON OUR TEAM: *Any tournaments we enter that you participate in, you get 10% of the winnings.(the rest goes to bettering and improving the team. Ex. Entry fees for tourneys, merch, jerseys) *You get free montage videos made. *We’re currently sponsored by 4 companies.(Cinch Gaming, Rogue Energy, GGBracelets, & Blk Flg Energy) *We have a great Discord Server you’ll be able to join. *We do role promotions. *You’ll ALWAYS have someone to squad up with. ————————————————————————————— •REQUIREMENTS TO JOIN: * You MUST be 16+ due to eSports rules.(With parental consent) * You MUST be an active player. * You MUST have simple & specific game knowledge. * You MUST have a Discord. * You MUST specify what team you’re wanting to tryout for as we have 4 different game teams. * You MUST have some kind of clip showing some kind of on screen feed.(unless trying out for the Fortnite team.) * You MUST be respectful on our decision/decisions and in general. * You MUST show your Stats, Clips, & Gameplay. * Do NOT, under ANY circumstance; recruit ANYONE without managements permission and knowledge. *Opinions/Advice are ALWAYS welcomed. ————————————————————————————— •FOLLOW OUR SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: @Phantom_eSports__ Facebook: @OfficialPhantomeSports YouTube: @Phantom eSports ————————————————————————————— •DISCOUNT CODES: *Cinch Gaming: PHNTM *Rogue Energy: PHANTESPORTS *GGBracelets: PHANTESPORTS *Blk Flg Energy: PHANTOM ————————————————————————————— Shoot me a DM on here if you’re interested and we’ll talk from there!

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