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Mar 2, 2021, 03:17 PM 183 read

Level Up Pack

Noblesse:Zero: Events - Level Up Pack                               image 1

▶ Overview - December Special Packs are now on sale in ‘Shop > Packages’ tab from 03/02(Tue) to 03/08(Mon) 22:00PM (GMT-8).   - During the event period, you can purchase each package for three times.     ▶ Package Info. - Event Package 1: 3000 Diamonds, 25 Advanced Hero Tickets, 5 Faction Hero Tickets, 30 Mutant Lab Tickets, 30 Supply Mission Tickets, 30 C.Tower Tickets, 3,6,12H Potion x3, 300 Mileage   - Event Package 2: 5000 Diamonds, 10 Faction Hero Tickets, 40 Advanced Hero Tickets, 50 Mutant Lab Tickets, 50 Supply Mission Tickets, 50 C.Tower Tickets, 3,6,12H Potion x5, 500 Mileage   - Event Package 3: 10000 Diamonds, 20 Faction Hero Tickets, 80 Advanced Hero Tickets, 100 Mutant Lab Tickets, 100 Supply Mission Tickets, 100 C.Tower Tickets, 3,6,12H Potion x10, 1000 Mileage     ※ Caution: Event details can be changed without prior notice depending on the circumstances.   Hope you enjoy the day with Noblesse: Zero with WEBTOON™! Thank you.  

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  • gamer143699428 LV.1 Mootie Mar 3, 2021, 03:35 AM

    i buy, daily summon pack. but, because i was busy the next day. i can't play the game. today, i play it, i didn't get any summon ticket but, instead i get diamond. after today, will i ever get any summon ticket that i buy, for RM 104 ???