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Oct 26, 2020, 08:40 PM 1,361 read

Notice of Official Launch for Noblesse: Zero with WEBTOON™

Noblesse:Zero: Notices - Notice of Official Launch for Noblesse: Zero with WEBTOON™ image 6

Welcome, agents!   From 10/27(Tue), Noblesse: Zero with WEBTOON™ is now officially available at Google Play and the App Store.   This Lounge is the official page of Noblesse: Zero with WEBTOON™. As all Lounges across Moot do, this Lounge expects that all participants adhere to our Content Policy:

  Please post things with a correct flair and keep your posts related to Noblesse: Zero with WEBTOON™.   About the flairs: • Notice: Official notices, announcements and updates (Admin Only) • Events: Official Event posts (Admin Only) • FAQ's & Guides: Frequently asked questions and official guides will be covered under this flair (Admin Only) • General: Free-talks and discussions about Noblesse: Zero with WEBTOON™ in general • Tips: Share your tips and information about the game   Please also visit our Subreddit if you prefer this option!

  This post may undergo changes upon future updates.   Hope you enjoy the day with Noblesse: Zero with WEBTOON™! Thank you.

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