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Multi-device control

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    [Contents]   -Continue play   -Waiting for connection   -Check waiting devices   -Automatic connection order change   -Use conversion       ■ Continue play   If you are already connected to the same account or federated server, a multi-device control pop-up will appear.   Device connection, waiting for a connection, and termination is possible through the multi-device control pop-up window.     Body image     1. You can connect an existing device after disconnecting.   2. You can play by changing the character.   3. You can continue to play a character playing on another device.   4. If you touch Continue/Select Character, the existing connected device is converted to the connected standby state.     ■ Waiting for connection   When the connection is terminated from the connected device, the game is automatically connected to the device in standby status.   The automatically connected character continues to play with automatic quests and battles.       1. Return to the title screen.   2. Connects from a standby device, and switches the currently connected device to standby.           ■ Checking devices waiting to be connected   You can check the devices waiting to be connected through [In-Game] → [Menu] → [Multi Device Control].       1. When the connection is terminated from the device in use, the device with the highest order number among the waiting devices is automatically connected.   2. You can change the order of the devices.   3. You can terminate the connection.       ■ Change the order of automatic connection   You can change the order of automatic connection of waiting devices by using change order.     1. You can change the order of devices by dragging and dropping.   2. You can unregister the device.   Tip. When connected, the device is automatically registered, and up to 5 devices can be registered.   If there are more than 5 registered devices, devices with a long elapsed connection time will be automatically deleted.   3. You can terminate the connection.     ■ Use conversion   Shut down the connected device, connect to the waiting device, and continue playing the quest and battle in progress.       -When switching to use, you can check the automatic play settings before the connection ends.   ※ Continued play in dungeons and matches is currently not supported.       ※ If the game is ended in an abnormal way rather than using the game-ending button, it may take some time to recognize the end of the device.

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