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Familiar Racing

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    Familiar Racing has a total of 21 checkpoints, Competitive content that arrives at the finish line first by performing missions such as fellow race and hunting with a number of descendants.   Contents are available through Menu → Cocoon → Daejeon → Fellow Racing, To proceed with the content, you need to move to the [Cocoon] area.     1. You can check the map and brief description of the fellow racing content. -Ranking is determined according to the order of passing the finish line within the time limit. -The ranking changes according to the order of passing check points. -You can move to the next island only after completing the mission of each island. - Yellow wings: increased movement speed while / Red Wings: movement speed while reducing / Blue Wings: place pause electric shock effects 2. Fellow racing tier, score, ranking, and remaining time can be checked. 3. You can check the Fellow Racing record. 4. You can check the reward items that can be obtained in Fellow Racing. 5. You can check the weekly rewards. 6. Fellow racing ranking can be checked. 7. You can check the items that can use community points. 8. Click the Match button to proceed with fellow racing matching. Tip. Fellow Racing can only be used 5 times a day.     After matching is complete, go to the starting point of Fellow Racing and wait until the other descendants are ready.   1. You can check the list of descendants who participated in the Familiar Racing content, and check the status of [Ready] [In preparation]. 2. You can check the approximate map of fellow racing content. Tip. When all descendants are ready, a 5-second count starts, and after the count ends, racing begins.     After clearing the first test site mission, the [Forked Road] option is exposed, Fellow racing can be conducted by selecting a PK-free region or PK-capable region.     1. Click the mission window to display the crossroad selection notification window. 2. Select a Forgotten Sanctuary (Area where PK is not allowed) or Abandoned Waterfall (Area where PK is possible) to conduct a fellowship racing.     When the 1st place descendant passes the finish line, the countdown starts. If the 30-second countdown has been completed, Yenim who does not pass the finish line will be retired with [Timeout].     Tip. Red and blue wings avoid cooking and cooking~~ Yellow wings only~~Sense that eats jade!!   After Familiar Racing is over, the final result screen is exposed and in the case of Yenim after passing the finish line, the record can be checked. You can check the Fellow Racing score.       1. After passing the finish line, you can check the record. 2. In the case of descendants who do not pass the finish line within 30 seconds after passing the finish line, the record is not exposed. 3. You can check the Familiar Racing Tier and the score you have earned.

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