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Familiar Adventure

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  ■ Familiar Exploration You can acquire [Gift Box and Fellow Mark] items by using fellow exploration content.     -You can use the content through [Menu] → [Familiar] → [Familiar Adventure]. ※ Fellow exploration content is available after completing the 3 new comrades quest.       1. Rewards can be obtained from areas where familiar expeditions have been completed. 2. You can check the remaining time until the end of the expedition through the bottom of the area you are currently exploring. 3. You can proceed with the expedition by registering a familiar in the area you have not currently explored. 4. Fellow exploration is not possible in an area that is not currently discovered. 5. You can check the fellow experience and reward items that can be obtained when selecting a region in progress. Touch the [Cancel] button to cancel the familiar expedition. Touch the [Complete Immediately] button to immediately complete the fellowship expedition. ※ When completed immediately, a certain amount of Red Ellun is consumed.     1. You can select the exploration time of the selected area, and you can check the registerable familiar level, reward experience, and fellow cooldown information for the selected time. 2. You can check the list of fellows who can proceed with the fellow adventure. ※ When the expedition is completed, the fellow who proceeded with the expedition will have a cool time, and the expedition will be available again after the cool time has passed. ※ Familiar cooldown can be reset using gold. ※ Reward experience is obtained from familiar expeditions. 3. By touching the [Sort] button, you can sort by [Recommended Ranking], [Region], and [Capacity]. 4. Touch the [Cancel] button to cancel the fellowship expedition registration. 5. Touch the [Register] button to register the selected fellow familiar explorer. After completing [Registration], touch the [Start] button to start familiar exploration.

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