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Icarus M: Riders of Icarus: Guide - Set/Piece image 1

  ■ Familiar Set   Acquired familiars can increase their stats through set effects.     -You can use the contents by moving to [Menu] → [Familiar] → [Familiar Set].   1. You can check the category of the fellow set effect. 2. If you register all the fellows required for the set effect, you can select the stats to increase. ※ You can select only one stat value for increasing stats. ex) If the attribute resistance increase stat is selected, normal monster damage increase is disabled. 3. The "+" button is activated when acquiring a fellow required to activate the set effect. ※ Fellows registered in the set effect are consumed and disappear, so careful selection is required. ※ If there are enough fellow fellows to register, you can register multiple fellow fellows, and the set effect will be stronger. ※ The number of registered fellows is displayed at the bottom right of the portrait of the fellow. 4. You can check the stats that increase with the set effect.     ■ Fellow piece -Content is available through [Menu] → [Familiar] → [Familiar Piece].       1. You can check the Familiar category. 2. In the selected category, you can check the type of fellows that can acquire pieces and information on the pieces of fellows you currently have. 3. If you have achieved the number of sculpting requirements for the fellow, the "+" button is activated on the portrait of the fellow to obtain a familiar. ※ Fellow pieces used when acquiring a fellow are consumed and disappear.     -Fellows acquired through Familiar Pieces are paid to the mailbox, and are acquired as [D-Class].  

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