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Rabbini Merchant

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  [Contents] -Broker -Money changer   [Menu] → [Cocoon] → [Rabini Merchant], you can use the [Broker] and [Currency Exchanger] contents.       ■ Broker You can sell and purchase items handled by the broker through the broker NPC.   [Transaction item] Among the list of items handled by the broker, you can purchase the item if it is sold by another descendant and the quantity is filled.     1. You can check the category of goods handled by the broker. 2. You can check the items available for purchase in the item category. ※ If there is no quantity of the item being handled, it is displayed in gray and it is difficult to purchase. 3. You can check purchase item information, price, and number of times. 4. You can search for the item you are looking for. 5. Use the [Refresh] button to update the quantity status of the item.     [Items for sale] You can sell the items you have among the list of items handled by the broker.     1. You can check the items that can be sold by category. 2. You can check the list of items available for sale in the item category. 3. You can check the amount of Red Elune that can be obtained by clicking on the item you want to sell. 4. Click the [Sell] button to sell the item.     ■ Currency Exchange You can exchange Blue Ellun community points, Force points, and Guild points into [Red Ellun].       1. You can check the number of [Guild Points], [Faction Points], [Community Points], and [Blue Elune] you currently have. 2. You can check the list that can be exchanged. Tip. Each point can only be exchanged once a day .   ※ It was written as of July 26, 2018, and some information may change later in the guide content.  

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