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  [Contents] - Guild - Influence - Friend - Party history - Official Cafe   We have prepared a guide for [Community] among various contents of Icarus M.   You can enter the community window through the [Menu]-[Community] button in the upper right corner of the game. You can check [Guild] [Faction] [Friend] [Party History] [Official Cafe].     ■ Guild Guild with other users [Guild War] [Guild Shop] [Guild Buff], etc. You can proceed with various guild contents.   1. For guild creation, you can create your own guild name and guild pattern. 2. When joining a guild, you can join by selecting from a list of guilds of the same faction as the character's force.     1. You can create a guild within a character's faction. ※ Please note that guilds with different powers are difficult to join . 2. You can select the guild pattern, pattern color, background shape, background color, and outline color. ※ A certain amount of gold will be consumed for future guild mark changes. 3. You can enter the name of the guild to be created. When creating a guild, 10,000 gold will be consumed.     1. You can check the guild recommendation, application status, and invitation status. 2. You can search the guild name to check the information of the guild and apply for guild membership. 3. Through the guild list, you can check the guild name, guild level, and membership conditions of the same faction as the character's force. Click the guild mark to check guild information and apply for guild membership. 4. Touch the [Refresh] button to reexpose the guild. 5. Touch the [Sort] button to select [Basic Sort]. [Combat power]. Select one of the [Levels] to rearrange it.   1. Each function is available through the [Guild Information], [Guild History], [Guild Members], [Guild Search], and [Guild Contents] tabs. 2. You can check guild information and attendance check status. 3. Guild introduction and announcements can be written. ※ Guild introduction can only be written by the guild leader. 4. [Guild details]. You can use each function by touching the [Guild Effect] and [Attendance Check Reward] buttons. ※ When you click [Guild Details], you can check your guild withdrawal, and when you leave the guild, you can join and create the guild after 24 hours. 5. [Guild Ranking], [Guild Shop], [Guild Quest]. Each function is available through the [Guild Donation] button. ※ In the case of the guild shop, the guild points acquired through guild activities are used. ※ Guild experience, points, and contribution can be obtained through guild donation. ※ Guild Points can be obtained through Guild Attendance Check Reward, Quest Completion Reward, Battle, and Donation.   [Guild EXP earned amount]     ■ Force The factions are divided into [Sirius] and [Aps], and various contents can be progressed between the factions. ※ If you select a faction, it cannot be changed later, and the quests of the same faction, content progress, You can join a guild, so please consider carefully before choosing!   1. You can check the history of faction content. 2. You can check the rank and rank effect within the faction. ※ Faction points required for class promotion can be obtained through Faction Content. Faction content: Field monsters in the Red Moon Attack Dispute Channel, the Treasure Hall dispute zone 3. You can check the PK record and PK-capable content. 4. You can check and promote your faction rank through the [Rank Effect] and [Promotion] buttons. 5. You can check the list of items that can be purchased with faction points through the [Faction Store] button.   1. You can check the additional abilities, maintenance conditions, promotion conditions, and maximum points earned per day for each faction rank. -[Conditions of Maintenance] is the power point necessary to maintain the rank, If you do not hold the points of the maintenance condition, the faction rank will decrease.   Tip. If the rank is lowered due to insufficient power points to maintain the power rank In order to proceed to the upgrade to the existing maximum rank again, the You can re-upgrade to that rank by using only the maintenance condition points of the existing maximum power rank.   -[Promotion conditions] are the power points required to be promoted to the rank, If you have faction points that meet the upgrade conditions, you can upgrade by clicking the upgrade button. -In the case of [Maximum points earned per day], it is the maximum force points that can be acquired per day, The higher the faction rank, the higher the daily maximum points earned.   2. Upgrade is possible only once for each rank, and maintenance costs are deducted by calculating the faction at 1 am every day. Tip. If the maintenance cost is insufficient, the rank of power will be lowered, and the rank of power can be reduced by many levels at once.     ■ Friends Friends are content that allows users to enjoy gameplay with users using Icarus M.   1. You can check the [Friends List] [Received Requests] [Sent Requests] [Recommended Friends] list. 2. You can check the friend list and delete friends. ※ Connected users are indicated by a green circle, and unconnected users are indicated by a red circle. 3. You can refresh, sort, organize, and find your friends list.     ■ Party history Party history allows you to check the party history you played with before, This content allows you to play the party again with the party member.       1. You can check the record of the party members who played the previous party. ※ Click to check the detailed information of the party member. ※ In the case of ★, it is a favorite function, and in the case of ●, it indicates the connected / unconnected status.     ■ Official Cafe If you click on the official cafe, you can check the updates, events, and posts through the Icarus M official cafe.   1. You can adjust the transparency of the official cafe window through the corresponding button. 2. You can check the events and in-game contents in progress at the Icarus M official cafe. 3. You can check notices, events, and all posts in Icarus M's official cafe. 4. You can check the images and videos registered in the official cafe of Icarus M. 5. You can search all posts registered in the official cafe of Icarus M. 6. You can log in and sign up for Icarus M's official cafe. 7. You can simplify the [Screen capture] [Video recording] [Community shortcut] function by clicking the button.

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