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Icarus M: Riders of Icarus: Guide - Challenge image 1

  [Contents] - Collection - Illustration Book - Achievements -Title   We have prepared a guide for [Challenge] among various contents of Icarus M.   You can enter the challenge content through the [Menu]-[Challenge] button in the upper right corner of the game. You can check [Encyclopedia] [Achievements] [Title] [Collection].       ■ Collection In the collection, you can check detailed items determined by each category, When you acquire all the detailed items of the collection, you can also receive a reward for each item.   1. You can check the list. 2. You can check the list by category. 3. You can check the detailed items set by category. 4. You can receive rewards by acquiring all the specified details. ※ Fellows registered in detailed items in the category are consumed and disappear.     ■ Encyclopedia In the illustrated book, you can check the [fellow] [equipment] [appearance equipment] that can be obtained by category. You can check the items held by category.   1. You can check the [Fellow] [Equipment] [External Equipment] list. 2. You can check the list by category. 3. You can check whether you have an encyclopedia, receive rewards, and receive rewards for completion. ※ You can check information and stats by clicking on the item. ※ Acquisition and completion rewards can only be received once for the first time. ※ If the level of the items you already have is different, no compensation will be paid. 4. You can receive all the rewards for the encyclopedia you have held and completed by category.     ■ Achievements The achievements are divided into [Period] [General] list, When you complete each achievement, you can receive various rewards.   In addition, you can acquire additional stats depending on the stage of your achievement.   1. You can check the [Period] [Achievement] list. 2. You can check the list by category. 3. You can obtain additional stats depending on the achievement level. ※ You can increase your achievement level through achievement experience points paid upon completion of the achievement. 4. You can check achievement goals and rewards. 5. You can receive all achievement completion rewards by category.     ■ Title As for the title, you can check the titles that can be obtained for each list, The stats that increase when you acquire the title are accumulated.   1. [Growth] [Battle] [Item] [Resource] [Fellow] You can check the list. 2. When each title is acquired, the increased stats are accumulated. 3. You can check the conditions for acquiring the title and proceed with mounting & dismounting. ※ Title can not be installed repeatedly.

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