Smoking guns gaming is recruiting active non toxic players

16+ looking for leadership qualities, we are all a family in SGG, looking for more family. Sign up today message SGG GMCPICKUP94 on Xbox for more information

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Slob squad on xbox one brand new guild looking for active members all levels welcome to level

Message me on xbox Mr ScoreStreaks

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We zoeken members voor dark zone en raids. Er mogen ook mensen die low lvl zijn joinen wij zijn namelijk ook lvl 15 op dit moment. Laat je psn hier achter als u wilt joinen.

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Anyone recruiting for a pc clan for division 2?

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I'm the lieutenant of The Division 2 on PS4 for Winter! We host various events for The Division 2 and we play many various other games as well. We have over 800+ active members. Join us whether your competitive or casual! We have something for everyone. We also have our own website and Discord!

To join us simply click the Discord link below and once you've joined click #join and click The Division 2 icon for PS4 to get access to our Division 2 chat in discord.

Our Discord:

Our Website:

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Cobra Kai clan on PS4 looking for members

We’re laid back “competitive casual” you’re free to do your own thing but if you want to group up for Raids or DZ runs we do that too.

If interested reply with your PSN ID

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Join are clan

Hey everyone we are looking for people that enjoy gaming and would like to join a clan we are salo nation and we are a upcoming clan we have different teams for different if you would join let me know and send me a message or leave comment and we are gonna be a elite clan and we are join esports this year

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Smoking guns gaming or SGG is looking for non toxic active players!

16+ age, we are a family, always willing to help, great people active players for multiple different games, sign up today and become a member of SGG family! For more information contact SGG GMCPICKUP94 on Xbox! Have a wonderful day everyone!

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Hi I just made a clan in division 2 and I have free spots if you are a low level I will help out and if you are a high level we can do raids clan name is aquatic

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Smoking guns gaming

Community smoking guns gaming is looking for non toxic people who are active and willing to lead. Message SGG GMCPICKUP94 on Xbox for more information

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Looking for Clan Candidates to Join my Clan LVL 13

Hello I am looking to have a mixture of experienced and Novice(beginner) players join my clan and down to do Missions grind for loot or rank up and eventually transition into Raids or Dark Zones if enough Players join!
Mic is optional
17+ or 16+
Chill Laid Back, knows to have fun and throw some jokes and enjoy the crazy moments in Divison 2 also if you’re focused and Willing to help others that’s a plus to the clan’s recommendation!
If you fit this comment or message me below and I’ll get something together once we have enough!

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Kagirinai Recruitment

Limitless, this is the core belief of the Kagirinai. We are a clan that believes in constant improvement of ourselves and others, every "limit" is just another mountain to climb and become better through doing so. We are a PvE/PvP clan who believes in solid team work, always encouraging members to travel in groups of three or four members. In the dark zone, we operate as rogue hunters and defenders of those who can't defend themselves. We do not support rogue agents, unless it is a full group decision. If you are interested, please contact me here or on PlayStation. My gamertag is NightWolfe216. This is a PlayStation only clan.

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Smoking Guns Gaming

We are a 4+year gaming community who play multiple games. Join up today and find a family environment, lots of great people to talk to. No toxic players,16+ years of age

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The Great White North needs you!

We are a clan of 3 looking to either merge with another clan or bring in people, we are active almost everyday, chill environment and casual games looking for people of all skill levels. We run dailies DZ and trying to run the raid. **PC North America clan

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Greetings all division agents

We need more members to join our clan on Xbox American As F, the first 2 to request an invite will be promoted to lieutenant, and the 3 after that will become an agent, joint now and don’t forget, fight for your country with you own blood

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Join The Helfire Devils! Be a menace to who threatens America! (XBOX ONE)

Join us today and we can be the ones that set fires to the enemies of America! Be the flames that America runs on, keep it burning!

We are looking for anyone, we need people to start the 8 man raid and for our future raids. Together we are one, together we are strong!

Contact me or look up "Helfire Devils" on Xbox and we will accept whoever sends a request!

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Attention Xbox players! SWEAT Division is recruiting!!

(Mic Required)Ever wonder what it is like to be a part of a clan that tries hard and has your back through the toughest engagements? Look no further than us.
We are a very small group currently but we welcome every active sweat looking for a fun chill group of people. Message me or leave a comment if you want to join and I will get back with you.

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Smoking Guns Gaming is recruiting!

SGG is recruiting! We are a 4+ year community looking for active members and leaders to join our community. If you've been looking to get more out of your gaming experience, then join us here at Smoking Guns Gaming! 16+

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Join The Dirt (PS4)

Casual to hardcore players. Mic not necessary but preferred. Play weekdays and weekends. We always willing to help. PvE, PvP and Raid. Contact if interested.

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[EGI] EGIus Domina is recruiting (ps4)

Join EGIus domina for raids and PvP. Lvl30 preferred but not required mic is also preferred but not required.
Message me for more info and questions.

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Ps4 clan brother in arms

Looking for player that active and can work as a group all ranks are accept i am CommanderWF301st message me on psn or moot if you looking to join

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This is for pc clan. If you really like to play division,you are welcome to join our clan.

You can add me uplay id : KH_jynoT

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Looking for members

My clan is fairly new and I am looking for people who would like to join, would like if you are active but not a necessity. Comment below if you are interested.

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Looking for clan(ps4)

Gs 500 looking for clan psn is mickeygoose95

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SGG is recruiting!

Smoking Guns Gaming is recruiting! We are a community that has been around for about 4+ years and over 200 members in our Xbox division alone. We are looking for active members and leaders to join our community and people who want to get more out of their gaming experience! 16+

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Must Be Active

Trying to get players that are active so we can grind the new event, the clan is level 20 with 30 players

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Captains Clan

Must be active and have a good headset. 18 plus ,

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Shoot To KiLLL

New clan for any and all levels. A mic is preferred but not required. Join up and let’s grind through these ranks.

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301st WarFangs

Looking for player that active and can work as a group all ranks are accept i am CommanderWF301st message me on psn or moot if you looking to join

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EGius Domina (PS4)

Join for raids and conflict, lvl30 preferred earn my trust and contribute to rank up in the clan mic preferred.

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