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Guide to the DZ. Ep1

DISCLAIMER: This is for the division 1 only and will focus on DZ01/03 So you've looked at your map a few times and wondered, "What is the huge red thing" well to answer your question. It's hell and well the goal of this post is to help you survive in hell

The Division: General - Guide to the DZ. Ep1 image 2

1st tip: NEVER ENTER AT A LOW LEVEL Now I've made that mistake and I've faced the consequences the hard way (Dying, Alot) so if you plan on going to the DZ I recommend being LVL 10+ as at that level your Wepaons should be good enough to tackle the veteran and Elite enemies Tip 2: always try to clear landmarks Why? well landmarks although being hard by being occupied by several elite enemies and 1 named elite, outisde of the contaminated zones it offers the best way to get loot and DZ funds, my personal favotire one is the Blockade Landmark in DZ01/02 Tip 3: Use those DZ funds Now that you have maybe cleared some landmarks and killed some people for those sweet DZ funds. You should definitely spend them at the DZ vendors as they sell good stuff compared to the stock back at the base of Operations. that's all from me folks good luck out there

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