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May 5, 2019, 06:06 PM 1,019 read

Theories about HUNTERS

Hunters was first introduced or discovered in Division 1, in the Dark Zone. With the appearances of the Hunters, it brings the community couple questions, mainly are: 1, Who are the Hunters 2, Why are they in the story of Division 3, Do they have anything to do with the OutBreak 4, Why, How are they using SHD tech. 5, Why they don’t kill civilians All these questions lead up the guesses in the community, people have different theories since day 1 it’s discovered. And with the new division 2, The Hunters is found in D.C, 12 hunters, different ways to summon them at different locations. That these lead up to another question: Why are they in DC? There’s the theories that’s popular. 1, Hunters are Russians, they dispatched by Russian government due to political tensions, and due to U.S is falling, they are trying to gain control of the land with this opportunity, so they dispatched hunters with similar tech 2, Hunters are black tusk, which is a private military organization that’s introduced in the End Game of Division 2, they have similar tech/outfit and ways to fight. But this theory is unlikely as Hunters also kill BlackTusk :/ 3. Hunters are 1st waves agents who are following Aaron Keener. Which explains why they know how to use SHD tech, and explains why they have more superior armors and weapons than division agents as they know what’s division’s weaknesses.

From all these theories, no one can say which one is right which one is wrong. But I do believe by the time goes on, more clues will be leaked. But I came up with my own theory: I think that Hunters are also Division agents. With the outbreaks of Rogue Division agents, Hunters as secret SHD department is dispatched for a cleaner job, which cleans up the messes rogue division agents caused in NYC, so which explains why they were first seen in DZ, and which explains why they only kill enemies, Division agents but they don’t kill civilians, so I explains why they are the cleaners for division agents, and explains why their intention was replacing the Division agents. And also explains why they used SHD tech. The reason they are no following Aaron Keener is bc like I said Aaron is also a Rogue Agent sorta, so they don’t intended to follow him in my theory:)

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