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About Dark Hours leaks

Dark Hours, the first raid in The Division 2 was recently delayed for upcoming huge balance changes. It is much like raids found in other games such as Destiny 2, and will be a huge eight-player mission with multiple objectives and tough bosses to kill.     The first Division2 raid was datamined and subsequently posted to Reddit in March, although that post has been deleted. These are those lists, and they can be just not a specific order, may occur during the mission.     Survive the assault on the bridge. Find the stolen GPS coordinates. Protect the named agent on your team. Confirm the kill of second-hand Lieutenant. Rendezvous with your team. Survive the blackout attack. Find the activation code. Extract your team to safety. Split teams and flank the target. Stop the convoy from leaving the runway. Takeout bombarders from high ground.     The same datamine revealed that the raid will take place in the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, which has to cross the Arlington Memorial Bridge to reach it, and there also might be a trophy/achievement something which requires you to cross the bridge in an hour or less.    

Anyone who's completed the Tidal Basin World Tier 5 stronghold will have seen a teaser for the Operation Dark Hours raid at the end, with the parked helicopter outside of the White House. This maybe confirms that the raid will be available for free just like all of the content and this is likely how you can access each of the future raids as they launch.     Note that this was from back in March so the raid could have some changes or even totally.  

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