Apr 22, 2019, 04:43 PM 1,026 read

Pros for newbs considering buy The Division 2

+Great Gunplay Every weapon feels good. sound/look/punch - everything +Looting Tons of different guns, gears, and mods with great recalibration system for end-game. Crafting recipes that you gather through leveling will get upgrades to high-end tier +Skill very interesting but there should be more tunning yet +Environment Awesome and gorgeous with absolutely insane amount of detail. Every part of the city and mission/location is instantly recognizable. Just running around to explore and loot can be enjoyable enough on its own and even there are many secret locations +Great AI World activities which are like AI’s reacting are quick, rewarding, scale with your level and sometimes can occur some epic fights. +Great UI small, efficient and customizable. +End Game contents numerous contents still waiting for us     Full Subjective Opinions :)  

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