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[Info] The Division 2 New Specialization

Featuring a ‘Minigun’ Specialist Weapon, the fourth Specialization in The Division 2(‘TD2’ below) is going to be special. But the releasing date is not clear. So we’ve done the legwork, though, and zeroed in on when you can play this Minigun Specialization class.    


-from The Division 2 Wiki   What is TD2 new Specialization? As you’ve heard, we only know what enormous has shown us during a few months. The final revealed of the new features includes a fourth Specialization to go by the other 3 skillsets (Sharpshooter, Survivalist and Demolitionist). We’ve only got a glance of it in the D.C battle trailer, in terms of pure speculation (including how it would fit in by the other Specializations), new Specialization seems to be more of a heavy-hitter like long-range intensive Sharpshooter, the think-on-your-feet nature of the Survivalist or opposing to the explosive Demolitionist. Other than, general details that we found: that is there’s a minigun.       How to unlock the new Specialization in TD2 Unless TD2 deviates from the current formula and level cap, you’ll unlock the fourth Specialization after you complete the main campaign and you hit the level 30 rank. (Already got one equipped? Get to the Quartermaster in the White House and change Specializations.)       When is the minigun new Specialization release date? Assume at Title Update 4 (whenever that is). Title Update 2 landed on April 5 and Title Update 1 arrived with the game’s launch on March 15. If Ubisoft maintains this sort of schedule of 2 to 3 weeks and with Title Update 3 coming on April 25. As we follow this schedule, we can expect a firm fourth Specialization release date of May 2019. (So not long to wait now until you get your hands on that minigun.)  

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