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seems like its getting allot harder to find groups not just on moot but even in matchmaking and other lfgs for this game. anyone else got this issue or just me?

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For sell pleas tex me
+98 9392725431
Instagram id:thebadmad

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Vision character so far

LV.8 Fearless 12d

Just trying to get warm around the flair

LV.2 Outlaw 14d

My Blackbirds are always watching always vigilant like crows on a wire

LV.2 Outlaw 14d

{Xbox) looking to recruit ACTIVE players only Clan LVL 29. Roster 19 agents PVP PVE DZ Raids & Farm

LV.2 Outlaw 14d

I need help

How do I get the merciless

LV.2 Lurker 14d

1000 kills in cod b4

LV.8 Fearless 14d


LV.8 Fearless 14d

Anyone on xbox who needs eagle bearer

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This is why yall should watch my livestream

This is exactly why you do not want to miss my stream cuz you never know what's going to happen I glitched behind the quartermaster in division 2 follow me on twitch for future gameplay

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How it works?

I am new to the game!
Can anyone explain what and how this game works?
I saw some beginner guides on this but still couldn't know what to do!

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A group of bombers vs a mad man with a pistol

LV.21 Assassin 25d


So, I think raids are cool and all but there needs to be BETTER loot, I'm not saying it doesn't give you good loot, it just needs to be better 😊

LV.21 S 1mo

What’s up

I don’t really know

LV.5 Assassin 1mo

Looking for people to do the RAID WITH

LV.2 Lurker 1mo


Lol random topic but do any guys live in oregon that have studios/music recording equipment?

LV.2 Lurker 1mo

Travelling washington

Let me know your thoughts and if you want to see more... PS I don't know that person in a couple photos

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I am so freaking close

I am so close to hit affiliate so can yall help me and support my steam I would really appreciate it follow me on twitch I going be livestreaming on twitch tonight you also watch me and friend duet screen playing division 2

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Ok then...

LV.5 I'm a Bot 1mo

Giveaway winner

This is the winner ^ ok

LV.25 Champion 1mo

Giveaway results

The winner will be revealed in 10 mins!!! Also if your wondering I use

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B ack t o sch ool co unt dow n g I ve a way #1

So every day before I go back to school, there will be a giveaway!!!! At 4-5 pm pst there will be a giveaway!

Comment *Burp* to be entered. Draws at 5

Just so you know, there will be an R6 giveaway so make sure to come everyday.

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Guy 18+ mic ps4

Just looking for a guy friend lol to be good friends with and play some division 2. No girls im already in a relationship. If u are going to be my friend dm me official_tharealmonkey on instagram. No girls

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Streaming a little Division! Come say hey!

Watch Rush_gaming321 with me on Twitch!

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best game in the world is tf2

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Visiting the landmarks...

Would you guys like to see a post focused on me taking photos of random attractions and stuff in division 2?

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Livestream on twitch playing division 2 come watch me and my friend play some division 2 on ps4

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