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So every day before I go back to school, there will be a giveaway!!!! At 4-5 pm pst there will be a giveaway!

Comment *Burp* to be entered. Draws at 5

Just so you know, there will be an R6 giveaway so make sure to come everyday.

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Visiting the landmarks...

Would you guys like to see a post focused on me taking photos of random attractions and stuff in division 2?

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POPULAR Maybe this is why I can’t get a raid team 😭🤣😂

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POPULAR ISAC: Agent Deceased

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POPULAR Civilian: The Division is here!


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POPULAR Division 2’s Dark Hours Raid Won’t be Made Easier

In response to some rumors last week, Ubisoft has clarified that they will NOT be making the Dark Hours raid in The Division 2 any easier. Since the raid launched last week, 7,000 PC players and 200 console players have completed the raid. If you compare these numbers to the number of people actually playing The Division 2, you’ll see how difficult the content really is. Specifically, the number of console players able to beat the raid is concerning. Maybe Ubisoft should take the Overwatch approach and balance PC and console separately. Thoughts?
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POPULAR Press F to... uhmm... why is it F....?

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POPULAR Mission Impossible Theme Que

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POPULAR The Division 2 Operation Dark Hours Releases this Week

The first eight player raid will be coming to The Division 2 this Thursday. Operation Dark Hours will be a race to beat, as the first team to complete it will get their photo posted in the White House in game. All players who beat Operation Dark Hours in the first week after release will get a commemorative arm patch. You’ll need to have reached tier 5 and completed Tidal Basin to access Operation Dark Hours.
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POPULAR About Dark Hours leaks

Dark Hours, the first raid in The Division 2 was recently delayed for upcoming huge balance changes. It is much like raids found in other games such as Destiny 2, and will be a huge eight-player mission with multiple objectives and tough bosses to kill.
The first Division2 raid was datamined and subsequently posted to Reddit in March, although that post has been deleted. These are those lists, and they can be just not a specific order, may occur during the mission.
Survive the assault on the bridge.
Find the stolen GPS coordinates.
Protect the named agent on your team.
Confirm the kill of second-hand Lieutenant.
Rendezvous with your team.
Survive the blackout attack.
Find the activation code.
Extract your team to safety.
Split teams and flank the target.
Stop the convoy from leaving the runway.
Takeout bombarders from high ground.
The same datamine revealed that the raid will take place in the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, which has to cross the Arlington Memorial Bridge to reach it, and there also might be a trophy/achievement something which requires you to cross the bridge in an hour or less.
Anyone who's completed the Tidal Basin World Tier 5 stronghold will have seen a teaser for the Operation Dark Hours raid at the end, with the parked helicopter outside of the White House. This maybe confirms that the raid will be available for free just like all of the content and this is likely how you can access each of the future raids as they launch.
Note that this was from back in March so the raid could have some changes or even totally.

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POPULAR Theories about HUNTERS

Hunters was first introduced or discovered in Division 1, in the Dark Zone. With the appearances of the Hunters, it brings the community couple questions, mainly are:
1, Who are the Hunters
2, Why are they in the story of Division
3, Do they have anything to do with the OutBreak
4, Why, How are they using SHD tech.
5, Why they don’t kill civilians
All these questions lead up the guesses in the community, people have different theories since day 1 it’s discovered. And with the new division 2, The Hunters is found in D.C, 12 hunters, different ways to summon them at different locations. That these lead up to another question: Why are they in DC?
There’s the theories that’s popular.
1, Hunters are Russians, they dispatched by Russian government due to political tensions, and due to U.S is falling, they are trying to gain control of the land with this opportunity, so they dispatched hunters with similar tech
2, Hunters are black tusk, which is a private military organization that’s introduced in the End Game of Division 2, they have similar tech/outfit and ways to fight. But this theory is unlikely as Hunters also kill BlackTusk :/
3. Hunters are 1st waves agents who are following Aaron Keener. Which explains why they know how to use SHD tech, and explains why they have more superior armors and weapons than division agents as they know what’s division’s weaknesses.

From all these theories, no one can say which one is right which one is wrong. But I do believe by the time goes on, more clues will be leaked.
But I came up with my own theory:
I think that Hunters are also Division agents. With the outbreaks of Rogue Division agents, Hunters as secret SHD department is dispatched for a cleaner job, which cleans up the messes rogue division agents caused in NYC, so which explains why they were first seen in DZ, and which explains why they only kill enemies, Division agents but they don’t kill civilians, so I explains why they are the cleaners for division agents, and explains why their intention was replacing the Division agents. And also explains why they used SHD tech. The reason they are no following Aaron Keener is bc like I said Aaron is also a Rogue Agent sorta, so they don’t intended to follow him in my theory:)


POPULAR Pros for newbs considering buy The Division 2

+Great Gunplay
Every weapon feels good. sound/look/punch - everything
Tons of different guns, gears, and mods with great recalibration system for end-game.
Crafting recipes that you gather through leveling will get upgrades to high-end tier
very interesting but there should be more tunning yet
Awesome and gorgeous with absolutely insane amount of detail. Every part of the city and mission/location is instantly recognizable. Just running around to explore and loot can be enjoyable enough on its own and even there are many secret locations
+Great AI
World activities which are like AI’s reacting are quick, rewarding, scale with your level and sometimes can occur some epic fights.
+Great UI
small, efficient and customizable.
+End Game contents
numerous contents still waiting for us
Full Subjective Opinions :)

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POPULAR [Info] Operation Dark Hours, the first eight-players raid update is delayed

The Division 2’s first eight-player raid “Operation Dark Hours” was scheduled to release at April 25 originally. However, Ubisoft moved back the update containing the raid to sometime in May, and said “in order to fine-tune the balance of our game and to ensure the best possible player experience for everyone.” They didn’t notice the exact release date also.
“Operation Dark Hours will be your biggest challenge to date,” The Division team wrote, “and we want to make sure that we’ve properly tested the large amount of balance changes that are coming to both PvE and PvP, and listen to your feedback about the changes before introducing the raid.”
The delay will come right after The Division 2’s new public test server, which will be helpful in tweaking PvE and PvP going forward. The Division 2 PTS opened April 17 and although Operation Dark Hours is inaccessible, everything else in the coming update including balance changes is available. Massive hopes to gather feedback via ahead of the official release in order to improve game balance and spot bugs.

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POPULAR Division makes loads more sense to me now

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POPULAR Integrated Division 2 Stats!

Howdy ladies and gentlemen! Just wanted to give a PSA to all the fine folks of the Division lounge that stats are now available on Moot for the Division 2! Now whenever you create an LFG post you can make your #stats available for the world to see (you can also have them visible in your Moot profile)!
To view a players stats, just click on a Game ID on any LFG post (or in a profile)! It will bring up a page that looks something like this:
Please let us know any and all feedback you have! Happy Mooting 😎

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POPULAR What is the best type of weapon🔫

the division has a lot of weapons what are the best type to make a build out of or what are the most useful/practical. Comment what you think 🤔

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[Info] What is World Tier 5 and how to unlock?

World Tiers are end-game levels assigned once reaching level 30 and completing the three main strongholds. You can start at World Tier 1. From there you have to focus on better gear and completing missions and strongholds to progress through World Tiers.
As previously stated, you will need to already be in the endgame and have leveled to World Tier 4. From that point, you probably have a top-level Gear Score of 450. And then you need to complete the Capitol Building and Roosevelt Island Strongholds one more time which will unlock a new side mission. After you complete this new side mission, you now can unlock the Tidal Basin Invaded Mission. Completing this will unlock World Tier 5 like the way you unlocked the previous tiers before.
Getting to World Tier 5 will allow you to increase your Gear Score from the previous cap (450 to 500). Gear sets will give you more bonuses basing on how many you have equipt with that set.
When unlocking new gear, World Tier 5 is also bringing new Heroic Difficulty settings to missions. It brings a lot more loot so you won't necessarily be getting better or exclusive loot from completing missions on this setting but should see more loot drop giving you a better chance of finding the good stuff. Heroic will make missions much harder and also won't allow checkpoints to be used!
*Weekly Invasions
New weekly invasions will cause previously safe and liberated areas to potentially become invaded again on a weekly basis.
**World Tier 5 is the most recently introduced level to The Division 2 and is accessible after the 1.05 patch has been downloaded.

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[Info] Public Test Server is coming to PC soon

The Division 2’s getting a PTS on PC ahead of the next big update (but the raid isn’t included)
The Division 2 was having a tough week in terms of bugs, glitches, and balance concerns
(like overpowered enemies that have a nasty point of rushing down players with no regard for cover, glitches that temporarily took daily and weekly projects offline, and some weird loot balancing that makes farming low-level items on a new character the best way to boost your damage)
So There is opening up Public Test Servers (PTS) attempt to head off glitches and balance issues before they get to the Live server. Although the original Division only experimented with running console test servers, they decided to stick with PC testing for now.
“we’ve seen the conversation in our community with the balancing in the game and everything. And there’s a lot of this conversation that we would prefer to have before the update comes out. So there’s a lot of those things that we would rather put on a PTS, and then we would have that feedback and we can act on it and fix it for the upcoming update.”
in The Division 2’s latest State of the Game update, Live content manager Yannick Banchereau
“No, the raid is not gonna be available on the PTS, we’re not gonna spoil in on the PTS so that one will remain secret. But what’s very important to us is to test the overall stability and the overall quality of the update, and all the balancing
and all the potential new items we’re adding, these kinds of things. We want people to experiment with them and tell up if these are comfortable, if they’re balanced in a proper way, or if they’re already figuring out ways to make broken builds and things like that”.
The PTS client will appear as a separate, optional download on the Uplay launcher for all PC players (it’s unavailable on the Epic Games Store) ahead of Title Update 3 in this month. What you’ve done in Live servers will automatically be copied over onto the PTS and will be available for testing.
Even if you’re playing on console and can’t participate in the PTS, yet you can watch streams or read the discussion about the potential changes. Banchereau also confirmed that there aren’t any non-disclosure agreements for PTS players.

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[Info] The Division 2 New Specialization

Featuring a ‘Minigun’ Specialist Weapon, the fourth Specialization in The Division 2(‘TD2’ below) is going to be special. But the releasing date is not clear. So we’ve done the legwork, though, and zeroed in on when you can play this Minigun Specialization class.
-from The Division 2 Wiki
What is TD2 new Specialization?
As you’ve heard, we only know what enormous has shown us during a few months. The final revealed of the new features includes a fourth Specialization to go by the other 3 skillsets (Sharpshooter, Survivalist and Demolitionist). We’ve only got a glance of it in the D.C battle trailer, in terms of pure speculation (including how it would fit in by the other Specializations), new Specialization seems to be more of a heavy-hitter like long-range intensive Sharpshooter, the think-on-your-feet nature of the Survivalist or opposing to the explosive Demolitionist. Other than, general details that we found: that is there’s a minigun.
How to unlock the new Specialization in TD2
Unless TD2 deviates from the current formula and level cap, you’ll unlock the fourth Specialization after you complete the main campaign and you hit the level 30 rank.
(Already got one equipped? Get to the Quartermaster in the White House and change Specializations.)
When is the minigun new Specialization release date?
Assume at Title Update 4 (whenever that is). Title Update 2 landed on April 5 and Title Update 1 arrived with the game’s launch on March 15. If Ubisoft maintains this sort of schedule of 2 to 3 weeks and with Title Update 3 coming on April 25. As we follow this schedule, we can expect a firm fourth Specialization release date of May 2019. (So not long to wait now until you get your hands on that minigun.)

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POPULAR I'm a Division Agent 😂😁

What do you guys think of the new smart watch face I created? I love #division2 and it's predecessor. I have always been a fan of Ubisoft since the original #splintercell

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Division 2 Best Skills?

Can anyone give suggestions as to what they think are the best skills to use?

I usually go with the Cluster Seeker Mine and the drone that targets people and shoots them

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that shotgun packs a punch 😂

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POPULAR never changeable

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The division 2 controls feel very clunky on console

I personally enjoy the divison 2, I've been grinding the game out, but it's very difficult at times since the controls can be very clunky. It's hard to maneuver through cover on some occasions and the game is unresponsive at times. Let me know if you guys agree or if theres something I can change to improve this.

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What’s your opinion on the black tusk

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One of my fave finds in the game.

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POPULAR How I feel when you all come for me and I have an LMG

Follow me I will appreciate your support

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The Division Servers 😂

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POPULAR Just some blindfire magic

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