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Hyper Scape Patchnotes 0.4

JULY 17, 2020 TITLE UPDATE V0.4   SALVO :Salvo: Rate Of Fire, Explosion AoE, Proximity Radius, Knockback [NERF] Damage [BUFF]   KOMODO Point-Blank Damage, Explosion AoE [NERF] Damage [BUFF:   HEXFIRE Fixed an issue where :HexGoBrr: was too efficient on a controller in certain cases :bug:   REVEAL Detection Range and Angle [BUFF]   MINE Projectile HP and Acceleration [NERF]   WALL Cooldown [BUFF] Lifetime duration [NERF]   SHOCKWAVE Cooldown [BUFF]   SLAM Cooldown [BUFF]   ARMOR :Armor: Duration [NERF]   SUPPLY CRATE EVENT 2 Crate HUD Icons appear [NEW]   HEALTH KIT EVENT Health Points per Kit [BUFF]   SHOWDOWN, SECTOR DECAY AND CROWN Sector Decay Damage [BUFF] Sector Decay Damage during Showdown [BUFF] Crown Bearer's Cooldown penalty [BUFF] Fixed a bug preventing multiplier from applying   Enemy Threat and Generic Threat duration [NERF]   Just a note, there is a 30 minute scheduled maintenance at Friday 17th of July, 18:00 UTC   More at

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