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Jul 17, 2020, 12:03 AM 57 read

What is the most powerful weapon combo ?

For me sniper rifle and hitscan works but If we should talk about the most powerful combo I think it is skybreaker and hyper smg. Skybreaker deals massive dmg and you will open fight 1 vs 1 against a 50% hp player or even lower and then just finish him with the smg. I think explosive weapons are meta overall because if you get to the late game and pick up the crown you can easly run away and hide in a "close range" buildings to take advantage of the explosives. Once I played 1 vs 1 against a crown player and he hid in a building with heals and mines and spammed the explosives. I Even tagged him to 20 % hp over 5 times but I could not kill him and he won by time. If you dont care about kills and you wanna win just take some mines and explosive weapons and wait for the crown then pick it up and camp in a building. There is no counterplay on that.   Type your weapon combos down below and feel free to add abilities too.

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    Okay, My Favourite Hack combos are SLAM and Shockwave. Both of those abilities give you more control over the air and makes you hard to shoot. Sometimes I like to replace my shockwave with Invis because it helps me escape fights faster (I am bad at fighting) and gets me time to think of strategies. As for weapons, I like to go with the Protocol (MAX) and Harpy since both of those guns act like a beast. Maybe replace the protocol with a shotty but I feel more comfy shooting from a distance.

  • Kinnesh LV.15 Try Hard Jul 18, 2020, 12:58 AM

    That sounds good man !

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    nice post