NovaEmpire LV.19 GameManager
Nov 2, 2020, 06:06 PM 150 read

An Announcement for Halloween Event Arrangement


Commanders,   The Halloween Events- Pumpkin's blessing and Star Missions [Alliance] will end on 4th Nov. If you are unable to complete Halloween Carnival using the pumpkins you earned during the Star Mission [Alliance] event, we will exchange the pumpkin into donating points in a certain ratio and issue the corresponding rewards to your inventory directly.   What's more, some commanders couldn't tap "collect" when they finished the missions in Resource Collection event. We have issued the compensation to those commanders, the rewards have been put into your inventory directly, please check in time.   We apologize for any inconvenience caused. If you have any other questions and problems, please contact our support team. Thank you for your lasting support and love.  

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