NovaEmpire LV.19 GameManager
Nov 2, 2020, 03:51 PM 125 read

Final Result of Solar Stone


"Thus concluded the Galaxy War in 31th October, the sum of the digits on thousands places of the first players are ""42"". The players with Solar Stone No.2 will be able to exchange 50000GEC in the Exchange Event on 4th November, other players will be able to exchange for ""Cornerstone Crystals"". We will REMOVE the Solar Stones when the Exchange Event ends, so please exchange your items in time. Score Details for GW Top1: G-107:337918454 G-112:514213097 G-140:1337994097 G-447:113728438 G-458:87435992 G-459:101037511 G-460:118247465"  

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