NovaEmpire LV.19 GameManager
Oct 27, 2020, 11:07 AM 144 read

The 3rd term "Solar Dust"


-Players can get one ""Solar Dust"" by participating the Event. Use the dust to redeem one ""Solar Stone"" in Redeem Event. ""Solar Dust"" will be removed when the Event ends. -There are a total of 10 ""Solar Stones"", each stands for the number 0-9. -How to get rewards with “Solar Stone"": we'll calculate the sum of the digits on thousands place of every First player of Galaxy War on the 31th of October. The rewards of ""Solar Stone"" will base on the digits on ones place of that sum. -For example: there are a total of 3 Galaxy Wars, with three First players having 5, 7 and 9 on their thousands place, summing as 21. Thus the winning number of the ""Solar Stone"" is 1. Every player with the ""Solar Stone"" that stands for number 1 will get the highest prize at the 50000GEC.

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